13 Quotes From “Woori The Virgin”

Here’s a collection of quotes from Woori The Virgin (2022) Korean drama:

On dating and marriage

“I asked you out when I knew my feelings for you were serious, and I was willing to wait for you. I consider your principle more valuable than having a typical relationship.” – Kang Jae

“When a man decides something, you ought to do it right away. Why would you wait two years?” – Officer Lee

  • “He’s perfect but there’s just one thing that is missing.” – Woori
  • “Thank you for liking someone like me.” – Woori
  • “If your girlfriend brings up marriage first, you’ll regret it for life. A man should propose first.” – Officer Lee

On life and relationships

“Why did you keep me? If you were going to regret it that much, you shouldn’t have kept me.” – Woori

  • “To daughters, foes are their mothers. To mothers, foes are their daughters.” – Woori’s mom
  • “They say most daughters suffer the same fate as their mothers’.” – Woori’s mom
  • “You think money can solve everything, right? There are things you can’t do with money. Not my daughter. You can’t ruin her life even if it can save my life.” – Woori’s mom
  • “You just healed the scar in my heart.” – Woori
  • “I want to give a chance to this baby.” – Woori

“If Mary’s grandma was against it, Jesus wouldn’t have been born.” – Woori

“You’re not Virgin Mary. Will you give birth to Jesus?” – Woori’s grandma

Genre: Romance, Comedy
Synopsis: A Korean version of an American drama about a woman who keeps her virginal purity according to her grandmother’s wishes and getting pregnant due to the doctor’s mistake during a regular check-up.
No of episodes: 14
Starring: Im Soo-hyang, Sung Hoon, Shin Dong-wook, Hong Eun-hee, Hong Ji-yoon
Written and directed by: Jeong Jeong-hwa
Network: SBS, Viu
Date: May 9 to June 21, 2022

Photos: SBS Drama