The 10 K-Drama Heartthrobs Of 2022

The first half of 2022 has introduced several great Korean drama series across different platforms. While some of the starring Korean actors are considered popular for a long time, new names have emerged stealing people’s hearts with their on-screen presence and performance.

From supporting to main roles, here are 10 Korean drama heartthrobs in the first half of the year:

In no particular order.

1. Son Sukku as Mr. Gu in My Liberation Notes (2022)

Son Sukku is definitely not a new actor but his on-screen visuals and performance as Mr. Gu in My Liberation Notes (2022) has made him the newest bae in town. He’s got the manly looks and that impressive talent in portraying the mysterious man who lives alone, avoids people, and spends most of his free time drinking soju while staring at the night sky.

Although Mr. Gu has a cold personality and problems with alcoholism, he appears to be hardworking, reliable, and sweet in subtle ways. In fact, as the story progresses, he displays his unique skills and warmth as a man that maketh the viewers’ hearts flutter all the more. And oh yes, he owns a luxury car that he doesn’t care nor brag about.

It is interesting to note that there’s something unique about the way he wears his necklace paired with those countryside clothes or rugged shirt—a sexy kind of trademark that only belongs to Son Sukku. No doubt but he totally owned this iconic character and Mr. Gu is certainly set to be one of the most unforgettable names and heartthrobs in the history of K-dramas.

2. Lee Minho as Hansu in Pachinko (2022)

It is undeniable that Lee Minho is one of the timeless heartthrobs among Korean actors. Whatever drama role he plays, he makes it iconic and he always stands out with his peformances.

Koh Hansu in the American series Pachinko (2022) is definitely different among the many characters that Lee Minho portrayed throughout his career. In this drama, he has shown maturity and versatility as an actor. Even though you only get to see him in a few scenes and one episode is fully focused on his story, he stands out as one of the mesmerizing performances of the show. And we can’t wait for more of his stories to unfold once the second season is released.

Moreover, Lee Minho’s handsomeness still rocks on screen. He still makes you swoon with his good looks and charms. In fact, the way he wears Hansu’s all-white outfit makes him the most elegant among men and the heartthrob of all heartthrobs.

3. Jung Hae-in as Soo-ho in Snowdrop (2021-2022)

Soo-ho is another rough but warm character who stole people’s hearts played by Jung Hae-in in the series, Snowdrop (2021-2022). One moment he is hot-tempered then suddenly transforms into a kindhearted man when the persons dear to his heart are in danger.

Whether he presents himself as a bad or good guy and whether he wears that black shirt or formal wear, he is a scene-stealing performer. Soo-ho’s element of mystery also gives you that sense of thrill and keeps you hooked with his character.

Without a doubt, Jung Hae-in makes your jaws drop everytime he exposes or flexes those firm muscles. He truly fits the soldier role and he makes it more fascinating with his good looks. “He is handsome as heaven,” fans said it better when describing Jung Hae-in in the drama. With that, we rest our case.

4. Ahn Hyo-seop as Kang Tae-moo in A Business Proposal (2022)

What’s not to love about Ahn Hyo-seop in A Business Proposal (2022)? He totally rocked playing the cold but romantic character of Kang Tae-moo.

He is the archaeopteryx heartthrob you will ever admire—the President and CEO of a food company who graduated from Harvard University, speaks English fluently, and whose accent is to die for. He appears to be a busy man who has no time and desire for romantic relationships, dismisses all blind dates, cold towards people, but hides within him a romantic and extravagant lover.

“Do you know what my love for you and this credit card have in common? They both have no limit,” is just one of the most romantic lines that Kang Tae-moo said in the drama. It sounds cliche but Ahn Hyo-seop performed his assignment so well that this charming lover will remain etched as one of the most crowd-favorite drama heartthrobs of all time.

5. Nam Joo-hyuk as Baek Yi-jin in Twenty-Five Twenty-One (2022)

We have seen Nam Joo-hyuk in a lot of dramas and he has always been a sweetheart. But in his newest project, Twenty-Five Twenty-One (2022), he sets a refreshing image of a heartthrob with Baek Yi-jin’s fresh aura and charming gaze.

While most of the K-drama crushes represent intelligence, elegance, and social status, Baek Yi-jin is a fascinating character who came from riches to rags and worked hard to achieve his dream of becoming a TV reporter. He is a relatable character who is hard-pressed on every side, faced with moments of giving up, but presses onward to build a better life.

Besides his swoonworthy on-screen visuals, he drives a luxury red car and speaks English fluently. Moreover, he’s got the innate strength that enables him to conquer the unbearables and stings of life—teaching us the most to live richly, wisely, and freely amid hardships. And that makes him totally a K-drama heartthrob.

6. Lee Jun-ho as the Crown Prince in The Red Sleeve (2021-2022)

Lee Jun-ho definitely rocked the K-dramaland with his performance as the Crown Prince in the historical-romantic series, The Red Sleeve (2021-2022).

He commands like no other, seems cold at first glance, and perfectionist in the way he handles his duties. But he is the warmest when his heart bleeds and turns into a poetic lover when in pain. Every little thing that he does just captures your attention.

Lee Jun-ho was extremely impressive as Yi San in the drama. With his leadership skills, husky voice, and romantic heart, he has made this character one of the most swoonworthy and remarkable K-drama Kings ever. In fact, one fan said, “Lee Jun-Ho is perfectly cast in his lead role. With his looks, acting, smoldering eyes, grin, and emotions showing all over his face, he is so believable in his role. He makes this drama as great as it is.” Agreed.

7. Kim Min-gue as Cha Sung-hoon in A Business Proposal (2022)

From a hot-tempered and dangerous character in Snowdrop (2021-2022), Kim Min-gue transforms into a positive and professional image in A Business Proposal (2022).

He played as Cha Sung-hoon, the intelligent secretary of CEO who dresses up neatly, walks and talks professionally, wears eyeglasses, and yes, totally good-looking from head to toe. At first glance, he appears to be cold and strict, but he’s a true gentleman when help is needed and wise in dealing with the CEO’s workplace and personal problems.

Overall, he’s a swoonworthy drama character and it is no wonder why Kim Min-gue has stolen many hearts anew. He is certainly one of the freshly emerged heartthrobs in K-dramaland.

8. Lee Joon-gi as Kim Hee-woo in Again My Life (2022)

Among the popular Korean actors, only a few can carry out awesome and flawless action scenes and Lee Joon-gi is one of them. In fact, he is considered a top action star in South Korea for his skills in martial arts and taekwondo.

In the legal series, Again My Life (2022), he engaged in a lot of physical fights as he played the resilient and intelligent prosecutor who is not afraid to take down the monsters in politics. As always, he was incredible in this project.

Besides his swoonworthy talents, it is no surprise that Lee Joon-gi is also one of the most handsome faces in the Korean entertainment industry. And he will always be one of the top heartthrobs of all time.

9. Choi Woo-shik as Choi Ung in Our Beloved Summer (2021-2022)

Choi Woo-shik continues to impress the audience with his talent in any given role, but he seems to deliver himself afresh as an actor-lover in the series, Our Beloved Summer (2021-2022).

In the drama, he plays as Choi Ung, a talented illustrator who hopes nothing but a simple and peaceful life that “basks in the sun during the day and lies underneath a lamp at night”. Everytime he wears his white eyeglasses and starts to scribble with his pen and the yellow lights on, you will find him most endearing—a passionate artist, a warmhearted soul, an endearing lover.

He also captivates the audience with the way he portrays the relatable character of Choi Ung—flawed yet warm as a human being. Many Korean dramas have gone by this year, but Choi Woo-shik will always be remembered as one of the adorable heartthrobs out there.

10. Ahn Bo-hyun as Do Be-man in Military Prosecutor Doberman (2022)

Perhaps, Ahn Bo-hyun as Do Be-man will be the hottest and most badass military prosecutor you will ever see in K-dramaland. He’s got the height, bulk muscles, and the cleverness to solve a problem.

In the legal-crime series, Military Prosecutor Doberman (2022), he initially wanted to reach the level of a prosecutor for money but eventually, gets engaged in a secret operation to take down the political monsters and achieve justice. You will be impressed with his cool performance as well as his overall visuals.

Ahn Bo-hyun continues to grow as an incredible actor and it is no doubt that he is one of the newly emerged heartthrobs worth the swoon.