40+ Quotes From Today’s Webtoon

Updated: August 7, 2022

Here’s a collection of quotes from the series, Today’s Webtoon (2022):

On webtoon and career life

“I wonder how many of us have a job that we like.” – Goo SeulA

“Instead of asking yourself ‘Can I do this?’ You should be asking ‘Do I really want to do this?'” – Oh Yoon

“Those who can’t find strength in other webtoons will never grow. Reading other webtoons is a part of your studies.” – Mr. Bae

“Who will be responsible for your hardwork? If you work hard, your environment is bound to change.” – Mr. Jang

  • “This isn’t a college. You can’t transfer to a different team like you’re dropping a course just because you don’t enjoy the work.” – Mr. Jang
  • “I thought you were smart, but you were only book-smart. Or you’re still a little chick who hasn’t hatched yet.” – Mr. Jang
  • “My life span is shortened every time a new episode is uploaded.” – Na Gang Nam

“Does a diploma from a fancy school make you an ace?” – Staff

“So just because he’s experienced, does it mean he’s always right?” – Mr. Seok

“The pain the creator goes through is equivalent to the pleasure of the readers.” – Mr. Seok

“Experience can be shared and skills can be taught. But not everyone has a passion.” – Mr. Jang

“Is there anything you regret in life?” – Mr. Jang

“Enduring too much.” – On Ma Eum

  • “I think the biggest strength of webtoon is that webtoon artists have an outlet to communicate with the fans.” – On Ma Eum
  • “I kept on drawing without even realizing that I was crumbling away.” – Mr. Baek
  • “I thought I was pouring my heart and soul into my work but it didn’t make the readers feel anything.” – Mr. Baek

“This incident gave me the strength to challenge myself.” – Mr. Baek

  • “When you’re making a webtoon, you as the artist, must create the world by yourself. There’s no guidebook to follow. It’s all on you. You have to create a whole new world by yourself while meeting the deadline every week.” – Mr. Seok
  • “Every week, you have to come up with a story, draw it, and edit it. Over and over again, like a squirrel in a wheel.” – Mr. Seok
  • “Calling a producer at this late hour for your personal problem is the same as going on a power trip.” – Goo Jun Yeong

“I gave it myself and tried my best with everything I got. Now I want to make an effort to do something else. To a place that will be nicer to myself.” – On Ma Eum

  • “Your drawings are not out of balance. Your angle was the problem.” – On Ma Eum
  • “I still don’t know what it is that he saw in you but you did a great job today.” – Mr. Seok

“I still have many stories to tell. I can’t let my age defeat me.” – Mr. Baek

“A college diploma, a score on a foreign language exam, and various kinds of certificates. But I feel like everything I worked hard for is useless on this team, so I feel demotivated.” – Goo Jun Yeong

On life and humanity

“You see, the world I see isn’t that colorful. I just drew what I saw and felt.” – Sin Dae Lyug

“I wouldn’t say lousy per se. It would be nice if you could see it as being unique.” – On Ma Eum

“There is no paradise for you to escape to. Have you heard of this line?” – Mr. Jang

“When it should’ve been an easy win for you, you always lost. But when you were surely going to lose, you won.” – Ma Eum’s mom

“I finally found something I wanted to do. But I didn’t get the job, so I feel lost.” – On Ma Eum

“Life is meaningful for the future is always unpredictable.” – On Ma Eum

  • “When someone like that suddenly stops and gives up on everything, what should we say? What would you say?” – Mr. Seok
  • “A good pacemaker wouldn’t force him to get up and start running away. I mean, I wouldn’t rush him.” – On Ma Eum

“It’s pretty high. It has to tilt a bit so we can see it clearly.” – Ma Eum’s friend

“Can’t you please put your trust in me, dad?” – On Ma Eum

“Going home after work while looking at the sunset over the Han River has been my dream. One of my dreams came true today.” – On Ma Eum

“Cheer up. Do your best. The more I hear them, the more demotivated I feel. I’m already doing my best with everything I have.” – Goo Jun Yeong

“I’m supposed to do better than my best? How much more? And how? It makes me feel pessimistic.” – Goo Jun Yeong

“Why don’t we stop trying so hard and doing our best? How could I try harder than now? You should stop trying hard, too.” – Goo Jun Yeong

  • “Maybe it’s because I’m simple. When someone told me to cheer up, I think I wanted to return the kindness to them.” – On Ma Eum
  • “I wanted to win so I could make the people who cheered for me happy. I think that’s what I wanted. That might be why I developed the habit of telling people around me to cheer up.” – On Ma Eum

Genre: Slice of life, Office drama
Synopsis: It tells the story of a former judo athlete who struggles to adapt to her new job as webtoon editor after retiring as an athlete due to an injury.
Based on: Japanese manga series Jūhan Shuttai! by Naoko Matsuda
No of episodes: 16
Starring: Kim Se-jeong, Nam Yoon-su, Choi Daniel
Written by: Cho Ye-rang, Lee Jae-eun
Directed by: Jo Soo-won, Kim Young-hwan
Network: SBS, Viu
Date: July 29 to September 17, 2022