Hash’s Shinru (2023) Korean Drama

Hash’s Shinru (2023) is a historical-romantic story set during the reign of King Sejong, also referred to as the “Joseon Renaissance” period. It depicts the fate of Joseon under the leadership of crown prince Lee Hyang, a genius scientist who loves the stars and happens to meet a mysterious woman named Hae Roo who can predict the future. It is based on the web novel, “Hash’s Shinru” by Yoon Yi Soo.

Genre: Historical, Romance
Also known as: Haesi’s Shinru, The Shinru of Hash
No of episodes: TBA
Writer: Yoon Yi-soo
Director: TBA
Network: TBA
Date: 2023

Main cast: 

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Source: JTBC Naver  | Cover image: Salt Entertainment