Tyrant (2024) Korean Movie

Tyant (2024) is an upcoming Korean film about people who chase each other, battling to claim for the last sample of the “Tyrant Program” that disappeared in a delivery accident. It follows three men with different motives who aim for the program about developing drugs that turn humans into weapons: Im Sang is a former agent whose task is to eliminate the forces related to the tyrant program—Choi Guk-jang is a director of a state institution who operates an unofficial tyrant program—Paul is a member of an overseas intelligence agency whose aim is to discard the last sample of the tyrant program.

Genre: Action
Running time: TBA
Writer: Park Hoon-jung
Director: Park Hoon-jung
Production companies: Sageumwol Film, Studio & New
Distributor: Acemaker Movie Works
Release date: 2024

Main cast

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Official trailer

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Source: Naver 1 2 ScreenDaily | Images: Acemaker Movie Works, Salt Entertainment, HanCinema, Kim Kang-woo IG