60+ Quotes | Dr. Romantic 3 (2023)

Updated: May 28, 2023

Here’s a collection of quotes from the Korean drama, Dr. Romantic 3 (2023):

“There are always variables at play. And where there is a will, there is a way.” – Director Park Minguk

“Even on the battlefield, it’s human nature to treat the injured, no matter what side they are from.” – Master Kim

  • “The political situation is for the politicians to deal with.” – Master Kim
  • “Saving lives come first.” – Dr. Cha Eunjae

“Sometimes, being overqualified isn’t everything.” – Master Kim

  • “Are you asking me, a doctor, to decide what is more important? A human’s life or 40 trillion won?” – Master Kim
  • “Sure, work-life balance. I also think that’s important. But you wanted to be a doctor. Then do what you must.” – Dr. Seo Woojin
  • “If you don’t practice properly, your patients deal with the repercussions.” – Dr. Seo Woojin

“It’s our job and ethos to save people. No matter how the world moves, let’s keep it ‘world and peace’ for us.” – Master Kim

“Oftentimes, between ethics and reality, what is right and what the solution is, is hard to balance. It’s just better for us to do our best as doctors.” – Master Kim

“Generally speaking, it’s important to make it down well. But this darn thing called pride makes a man act petty.” –  Professor Cha Jinman

“If you’re going down anyway, you might as well look cool doing it. But greed and arrogance make you try so hard. Only after you become a wreck will you finally be able to let it go.” – Professor Cha Jinman

“Is there no way for a man to look graceful while falling?” – Professor Cha Jinman

  • “Just because something is simple doesn’t mean anyone can do it. A simple solution doesn’t make it easy.” – Master Kim
  • “Stress is a type of illness, too.” – Dr. Jang Donghwa
  • “We can’t end things before we open the door.” – Master Kim
  • “If you pick up a sword, the least you can do is unsheathe it.” – Master Kim

“Effort and dedication should be left behind the moment you’ve given them. Hoping for some kind of payment or demanding recognition of your input, things will turn into a muddy mess in a flash.” – Master Kim

  • “He’s your dad. And I”m your man. It doesn’t have to be so hard for you to ask me.” – Dr. Seo Woojin
  • “Save the patient, no matter what. That was Master Kim’s first lesson that he taught us.” – Dr. Seo Woojin
  • “Sometimes, there are levels that you can’t reach without going crazy. And Master Kim calls it romance.” – Dr. Seo Woojin

“A doctor makes a diagnosis, not a prediction. We don’t deal with people who might get hurt. We deal with patients who are already hurt, sick, broken, or on their last breath.” – Dr. Seo Woojin

  • “Patients come in everyday. I can’t hang onto those unfortunate situations.” – Dr. Seo Woojin
  • “To avoid making the same mistake, all I can do is focus on the patient in front of me. That’s how I repay my shortcomings.” – Dr. Seo Woojin
  • “They say it’s scariest when depression comes in the form of a smile.” – Nurse
  • “There are only two types of doctors in the operating room. One who wants to save the patient and one who wants to learn.” – Master Kim
  • “A doctor, as soon as he puts on his surgical gown, must not discriminate against any patient. All patients should treated equally and fairly.” – Dr. Seo Woojin
  • “If not a compliment like ‘you did well’, I thought I’d at least hear something like ‘I’m proud of you’.” – Dr. Cha Eunjae

“I have seen many instances that surpass the boundaries of medicine. It’s what people call ‘miracles’. However, I call it the will of the person.” – Master Kim

  • “Don’t give up. In the end, a person’s will is what makes a miracle.” – Master Kim
  • “No matter where they stand in life, people will dream again. They don’t give up hope in the face of despair. To the end, they will want to prove that they are still alive. Even if it is false hope, they are unwilling to give up.” – Professor Cha Jinman

“There are only two outcomes. You either put the elephant in or the refrigerator breaks.” – Master Kim

  • “I don’t perform surgery merely to show people my skills.” – Dr. Seo Woojin
  • “I think declaring a patient’s death is the hardest thing to do.” – Dr. Yoon Areum
  • “In life, you will run into more people you don’t get along with than the ones you do.” – Master Kim
  • “That’s what unfounded complaints and excuses are like. They make you narrow-minded and petty.” – Master Kim

“Not knowing something is nothing to be ashamed of. You can learn. But I believe hiding the fact that you don’t know something is dangerous.” – Nurse Euntak

“Even if you study hard, memorize things, and watch videos, nothing beats actual experience.” – Dr. Cha Eunjae

  • “On one hand, I have the guy I love. On the other hand, I have my dad whom I love. What can I do?” – Dr. Cha Eunjae
  • “Don’t you know that she’s a clumsy kid? She’s just tall.” – Professor Cha Jinman
  • “You see, marriage isn’t something you do just because you have feelings for them.”

“At that time, I didn’t realize that the more solid your heart is, the more difficult and meticulous the trials become. That the more solid it is, even the smallest of cracks can leave a mark.” – Dr. Seo Woojin

“In this world, you can’t make it even if you try. No matter how hard you try, there’s a line that you can never cross. Still, they say you should do your best. That if you work as hard as you can, you can make it. Why do they keep giving us false hope? It’s infuriating.” – Wounded soldier

  • “What can’t be done can’t be done. You’re born with different circumstances and have different starting points. Isn’t that right?” – Wounded soldier
  • “The world is an unfair place. And it’s unjust. But still, don’t assume that others had it easy while achieving the things they worked so hard for. That would really infuriate me because I worked myself to the bone to get here.” – Dr. Seo Woojin

“We may think differently. But I’ve never doubted your skills.” – Master Kim

  • “I’m sorry but I’m going to live some more. I want to live some more.” – Dr. Seo Woojin
  • “Eunjae, I wonder what would have become of me if I had never met you. If I had never met Master Kim in my life, what would have become of me?” – Dr. Seo Woojin
  • “Can I be that kind of person to someone as well?” – Dr. Seo Woojin

“They say saving one person is like saving a universe.” – Master Kim

“I believe that without a past, you don’t have a present. If you love the present, there’s no past you can’t understand.” – Dr. Yoon Areum

“Did you know? To me, everyday at Doldam Hospital is a spring day.” – Dr. Seo Woojin

“The moment we give up, people will die.” – Dr. Seo Woojin

“Doctors are humans, too. They’re allowed to cry as well.”

“Teachers are like that. They are people who can profoundly change someone’s life.” – Dr. Seo Woojin

  • “What kind of person are you, Master Kim?” – Dr. Jang Donghwa
  • “You should still stay strong. Only then can you keep living.”
  • “What percentage of your mind do I make up?” – Dr. Yoon Areum
  • “If I like you less, will you treat me better?” – Dr. Yoon Areum

“Not everyone in this world will understand our true intentions. They’re not that interested in us. So there’s no need to explain how hard we lived or how hard we tried.” – Master Kim

  • “Just because we live silently doesn’t mean we disappear.” – Master Kim
  • “What matters the most never disappears.” – Master Kim

Genre: Medical, Melodrama, Romance
Synopsis: The stories of doctors working at a rundown hospital in the countryside.
Cast: Han Suk-kyu, Ahn Hyo-seop, Lee Sung-kyung
Writers: Kang Eun Kyung, Lim Hye Min
Director: Kang Bo-seung
Network: SBS
Streaming platform: Disney+
Date: April 28, 2023

Subtitle translation: Disney+