100+ Quotes: 18 Again (2020)

Here’s a collection of quotes from the Korean series, 18 Again (2020):

On family, marriage, and divorce

  • “Have a look at your family photo, and let’s work hard. We have to.” – Episode 1
  • “I read in a book that fetuses can understand what their parents say. Since we have two kids, let’s tell them twice the amount of nice things.” – Episode 1
  • “I thought nothing else would be more important than our kids. That’s when we became parents.” – Episode 1
  • “From now on, I’ll focus on my kids. Starting today, I’ll really become their friend.” – Episode 3
  • “A considerate word from you can do wonders to comfort your parents.” – Episode 4
  • “Don’t worry about those comments. People judge you for getting pregnant when you were in school because it isn’t their life. I think it’s amazing that you took responsibility.” – Episode 4

“Whenever my parents got into a fight, I thought it was my fault. Because they had me when they were young. Now that they are getting divorced, I really feel like it’s my fault. I felt bad and it really weighed me down. But to be completely honest, I want them to stay together for my sake.” – Episode 4

  • “What are you sorry for? You don’t even know why. Just saying sorry means nothing.” – Episode 5
  • “If you’re really sorry, turn back the clock to the time before I met you.” – Episode 5
  • “Ever since I met you, I went through all kinds of suffering, humiliation, and ridicule! How can I not regret it?” – Episode 5
  • “I said I regretted having met her, but I didn’t mean it. But it was true that I blamed her for everything.” – Episode 5
  • “I want to beg you to stay. I’ll regret this day more than any choice I’ve made. Despite that, I hope you’ll leave me without any regrets. I’ll be the regretful one.” – Episode 5

“No one says it, but lots of kids come from broken families.” – Episode 5

  • “Every family goes through a rough phase, so don’t be scared.” – Episode 5
  • “They say happy parents create happy kids.” – Episode 7
  • “I missed all the chances when I should have been there for my family.” – Episode 7

“A parent must trust their kids and be confident in them, so they can be confident in themselves.” – Episode 7

  • “There’s nothing more important to you than your children.” – Episode 7
  • “I had no idea he had put in hard work and passion previously used for his dream for the family.” – Episode 8
  • “You’re not a kid anymore. You’re responsible for your kids now.” – Episode 8
  • “No parent wants to ruin their child’s life.” – Episode 8
  • “I didn’t want to live like my father. My father was a selfish man. But I inherited his life exctly the same.” – Episode 8
  • “He always says he cares about us and nags us, but he only cares about himself.” – Episode 8
  • “Could my children survive in this tough world? The more worried and despaired I became about my life, the more I scolded them. That’s how I grew away from my children. Just like me and my father.” – Episode 8
  • “No man in this world would let others insult his family.” – Episode 9
  • “I am old. But I feel like a young boy again, coming here to eat this with you.” – Episode 9
  • “She had to raise kids and work at such a young age. It must have been overwhelming.” – Episode 9
  • “I want to show our children how I keep trying and challenging myself. In the end, I’ll make it, and have them think of me as an awesome mom.” – Episode 9
  • “They say marriage is a union between two families. Things are better now, but most of the time, women still make more sacrifices in marriage. Sons-in-law are always considered guests so they’re treated cautiously while daughters-in-law are not treated as guests, but as family. The in-laws demand her sacrifice because she is a family. Such conflicts seem to occur because such a perception still exists. If a daughter-in-law was respected as a guest, this sad issue wouldnt’t have happened.” – Episode 11
  • “No, you married him knowing that, so you should take full responsibility.” – Episode 11

“I regret that I wasn’t honest. We were married. If we took some time to have a heartfelt conversation, if I realized it was just as hard for him as it was for me, I could’ve thanked him, told him I appreciated him, and comforted him.” – Episode 11

“Many married couples often make this mistake. At first, you act like everything is fine, out of consideration for the other person. As you keep lying about it, your spouse spews criticisms at you, so you get disappointed. You want them to know how you feel, and want to be understood. But you fail to be honest to the other person. Then the communication stops, and the misunderstanding deepens. You misunderstood one another and fail to see each other’s feelings. That happens often. If you get divorced for that reason, you might regret it later.” – Episode 11

  • “I wouldn’t say it’s the answer, but at least, you won’t regret it later on. That’s why I want them to have one last honest conversation before they end their relationship.” – Episode 11
  • “Talk to them. You might hear something you desperately wanted to hear.” – Episode 11

“They say your spouse is the only person unrelated to you who is always on your side.” – Episode 11

  • “We split up, but we spent half of our lives together. I didn’t realize it, but I guess those years had a big impact on me. Whenever something good or bad happened, I always thought of you first. But you were never there beside me.” – Episode 13
  • “I know I was an accident. That’s why I try not to be a burden. I’m a burden in your life and dad’s life.” – Episode 13
  • “I don’t think you were an accident. You are the biggest blessing in my life. Please remember that.” – Episode 13

“I know now that there are some things you can’t know unless you tell each other even if you’re married and living under the same roof.” – Episode 14

  • “I’ve always been mean to my dad. I couldn’t be bothered and always ignored his calls and got annoyed when I was with him. If I had known it would be this hard to see him again, I would’ve been better.” – Episode 15
  • “You and our kids are more important to me than my dream.” – Episode 15
  • “Seeing our kids walk for the first time made me happier than winning any game. Hearing them call me ‘daddy’ made me happier than being named MVP.” – Episode 16
  • “Always do your best every single day, and don’t forget to look after people who are precious to you.” – Episode 16

On studies, career, and dreams

  • “Take it easy. You’ll work yourself to death.” – Episode 1
  • “Cheer up, my friend. You only live once. You need to work as a regular announcer at least once. I hope that happens.” – Episode 1
  • “People like us without connections will never make it.” – Episode 1
  • “I’ve been working here for a decade. Why don’t I have a title yet?” – Episode 1
  • “Your job may only involve tools out on the field, but this is still a company. If you don’t have a good degree, at least make more connections. That’s what performance-based means.” – Episode 1
  • “As I said, there are three types of people: Super famous, famous, and ordinary. If you don’t study and care only about your looks – you’ll just be a part of society.” – Episode 1
  • “Then what in the world are you interested in? Will you keep wasting your best years?” – Episode 1
  • “Aren’t you wearing too much makeup for a student? A student should look like a student.” – Episode 1
  • “That summer, when everyone’s dream came true. But we, at the age of 20, put off our dreams.” – Episode 2
  • “If you desperately want to make your dream come true, take care of yourself. No matter how hard it is.” – Episode 2
  • “You don’t have to hit her. Giving her a lecture is enough.” – Episode 2

“Don’t lose heart. Be it in school or our in the real world, if you do just one thing well, you’ll be respected.” – Episode 3

  • “Once you’re old, people criticize you no matter what you do.” – Episode 4
  • “Comments from haters is better than no comments.” – Episode 4
  • “Why would I be hurt? People were only stating facts.” – Episode 4

“It’s frustrating and tough, but you hit eventually. So don’t get scared over one missed swing. Who knows if you’ll hit the next one, hit a grounder, or hit a home run before you actually hit the ball? So keep swinging until the end.” – Episode 6

  • “Keeping the job was the hard part.” – Episode 6
  • “These days, I’m not sure if I’m working for my dream or if I’m being selfish.” – Episode 6
  • “Making a living is supposed to be hard. Everyone has a tough job.” – Episode 6
  • “Don’t strain yourself while training.” – Episode 7
  • “Don’t be hurt by what people who don’t really know you say. So no matter what anyone says, I’ll stay as your fan.” – Episode 7
  • “Your dream finally came true. Don’t let this bring you down.” – Episode 7
  • “I don’t know what it is, but no matter what you choose to do, I hope you’re happy with it.” – Episode 7
  • “Why are there so many people in this field who are as old-fashioned as I am?” – Episode 14
  • “I guess I wasn’t good enough to be hired permanently.” – Episode 15
  • “They need to fail without you to learn.” – Episode 15

“You only live once. There’s nothing to be afraid of. We should be bold and do everything we want. – Episode 16

  • “I’ll try my best to learn even more, be it my work, my life, or love. That’s why I’m going to look for a job I enjoy.” – Episode 16

On life and chances

“Only if everything ended here like in a movie, my life would have had a happy ending. But the reality is a series of open endings and an unhappy twist doesn’t surprise me at all. And that’s how life goes on.” – Episode 1

“Life always puts more weight on what’s more important. Even if that weight made us give up many things in life.” – Episode 1

  • “I can fix most things pretty well. I wish I could fix my life like this.” – Episode 1
  • “Everything in my life was wrong.” – Episode 2
  • “I drank a lot. But my life is still the same.” – Episode 2
  • “If you’re sad, just cry.” – Episode 4
  • “Stop acting like you’re so tough.” – Episode 4
  • “Some things are impossible to take back. Professions of love. Breakups. Words that cut deeply. And regrets that follow.” – Episode 5
  • “You’ve done this well too long. You can do this.” – Episode 5
  • “Why do I look so old now? I want to go back in time.” – Episode 5
  • “Does it make your life better to laugh about someone else’s life?” – Episode 5
  • “Don’t do anything you’ll regret like before. No matter how much you hate him, being unable to take it back, that is much sadder than you think.” – Episode 8
  • “At times, the best thing to do is act, and not think too much.” – Episode 8
  • “The world was a cold place. I needed alcohol to forget the harsh day.” – Episode 8
  • “I made an awful decision before so I wanted to right my wrongs.” – Episode 14
  • “I don’t know what’s going on, but it must’ve been a tough day. Clear your mind and get a good rest.” – Episode 14
  • “Don’t say things you don’t mean.” – Episode 15

“This is your chance. Don’t let your chance go to waste.” – Episode 15

  • “I didn’t realize how precious it was. Whenever life was tough, I regretted my decision 18 years ago like an idiot. I fantasized about the life I never had. But I finally realized what life I want.” – Episode 16
  • “You didn’t ruin my life. You gave me a chance. And the choice I made that day was the best decision I made in my life. And I’m not going to lose that chance.” – Episode 16
  • “I had way too many precious things other than basketball. I came to realize that too late. That’s what I regret the most.” – Episode 16
  • “I hope the 18th year of your life is filled with great memories, not regrets.” – Episode 16
  • “Spending all those days in regret is the biggest mistake of my life.” – Episode 16
  • “There’s one thing I learned when I became younger – that there’s much to learn even when you get older.” – Episode 16

“When you regret something, that’s when everything ends. But when I thought of it as a lesson, it helped me get started again.” – Episode 16

  • “I’m going to live my time without any regrets.” – Episode 16

On love and friendship

  • “Covering for your friend unconditionally isn’t a true friendship. If you really care about him, you’d better be honest.” – Episode 3
  • “I might not be able to fix your problems, but I can still listen. So talk to me when things are tough.” – Episode 4

“On rainy days, people can measure how big their love is. Even when they share umbrellas, as everyone holds them at different angles, it’s clearly visible how big their love is. So love and rain come hand in hand.”

  • “You don’t have to thank me. Call me whenever you need me. And call me if you want to cry.” – Episode 5
  • “First love never works out.” – Episode 5
  • “I don’t think I’ll ever need a man.” – Episode 5
  • “You’re a wonderful person. Someone I never deserved. I hope you won’t be discouraged. I hope you’ll stay cheerful wherever you go. Don’t get hurt and don’t strain yourself.” – Episode 5
  • “You shouldn’t do that to someone you just met.” – Episode 6
  • “Women can tell when someone gives them attention.” – Episode 6

“When someone sacrifices their life for you, you’re grateful, but you feel bad just as much. You feel like you became a burden to them. And you feel responsible.” – Episode 7

  • “I always think you’re awesome whenever I see you.” – Episode 9
  • “You’re doing wonderful right now. So please don’t worry. I know you’ll get through this again.” – Episode 9

“The smile of someone you love. The time you spend with those you love. Before I lost them, I didn’t know just how precious they were.” – Episode 9

  • “A woman with a great smile. A strong and cheerful woman who cheers me up when I see her. Someone who is full of flaws, but is an expert at her job. A woman with a twist. And a woman with a warm heart. Someone who is mature.” – Episode 10
  • “Someone with a great personality who is good at her job and is pretty. A woman who has everything. There is no one like that.” – Episode 10
  • “What she was like? She had a great smile. She was strong and cheerful and cheered me when I saw her. The way she worked for her dream was amazing. And she made me a better person.” – Episode 10
  • “But fantasies are called fantasies because they can’t come true.” – Episode 11
  • “Well, heartache is a part of the process of becoming a man.” – Episode 11
  • “I had forgotten that she shines brightly when I treat her like a precious jewel.” – Episode 12
  • “You’re the first person I think of whenever something happens to me. I want to be that someone for you. Someone you think of first when you’re in trouble. I want you to be happy and I will make you happy.” – Episode 13
  • “Once is enough for regretting meeting me.” – Episode 15
  • “You probably have no idea what you mean to me in my life. You are my first love, my last love, and my life.” – Episode 16
  • “I’m just so happy that I don’t have to stand afar, anxious that you might catch me, that I don’t have to make a strange excuse to talk to you. And that I’m the one you’re waiting for.” – Episode 16
  • “He’s a friend who stayed by my side whenever I really needed someone.” – Episode 16
  • “I may not be able to give you something expensive and great like others, but I’ll only give you the best that I can give you.” – Episode 16

“If everything ended there like a movie, my life would’ve had a happy ending. However, at times trouble finds us. We fight. We get disappointed. Some days, we hated each other. But we understand each other more. We are more thankful. We love each other more. And we also had happier days.” – Episode 16

  • “There may be a happiness you didn’t realize you had. But if you have someone who will find it with you, that’s all you need in life.” – Episode 16
  • “We won’t forget that we love each other. We will wish we cold cherish each other more. And we look to a better tomorrow. Our lives go on.” – Episode 16

Synopsis: A 37-year-old Dae-young is on the verge of being divorced with Da-jung finds himself inside his 18-year-old body.
Based on: 17 Again by Jason Filardi
Genre: Melodrama, Fantasy, Coming-of-age
No. of episodes: 16
Starring: Kim Ha-neul, Yoon Sang-hyun, Lee Do-hyun
Written by: Ahn Eun-bin, Choi Yi-ryool, Kim Do-yeon
Directed by: Ha Byung-hoon
Date: September 21 to November 10, 2020
Network: JTBC

Subtitle translation: Netflix


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