HoRavi Goals: 5 Reasons to Adore the Bromance of Seonho and Ravi

Updated: April 22, 2022

There is something exceptional about the “hyung” and “dongsaeng” relationship between Kim Seonho and Ravi. It’s called “bromance”, which is rare in male friendships nowadays—an intimate, platonic, non-sexual friendship between men like the brotherly love of Sam and Frodo at “The Lord of the Rings”, David and Jonathan, or Robin and Batman.

If you are a 2 Days and 1 Night Season 4 (2D1N) fan, you know how it was and how it is going between the unrelated Kim brothers, Kim Seonho and Kim Wonsik (Ravi).

In the first few episodes of the variety show in 2019, they were the most distant and awkward members who did not know how to relate and what to say to each other. Ravi was asked, “Is there a member you feel even slightly uncomfortable around?” He responded with a glance at Seonho.

After several episodes and almost two years of being together at the show, they became the most clingy and inseparable ones. Surprisingly, they have grown comfortable with each other, transformed from being stiff strangers to great buddies. They even named their collaboration as “HoRavi”.

Here are the reasons to adore the chemistry and bromance of Kim Seonho and Ravi.

1. Their personalities blend well.

It is said that “Great teams are about personalities, not just skills.” No wonder HoRavi’s chemistry in the show is a memorable one because they have known how to handle each other’s differences, sets of strengths, and weaknesses with patience and respect.

As a variety rookie, Kim Seonho had the impression of a warm and charming pessimist who thinks deeply and worries about life. In the first few episodes of 2D1N show, he was a bit timid and shy in trying to get along with others, content to stay in the background, implying lack of confidence veiled behind his innocent, adorable smile.

With the help of genuine brotherhood in the show and the support of his fans, the hidden gem in Seonho emerged. Notably, he has a set of abilities that could captivate more the hearts of people. We’ve seen him grow as an outstanding variety rookie and we are now seeing him more glowing and bewitching in his own special way, that his presence is like a ray of sunshine, not just in the show but in the K-drama industry as well.

On the other hand, Ravi is optimistic. We get this first impression of Ravi who is a cool dude, practically goal-oriented, independent, strong-willed, exuding confidence, on and off-screen. No wonder he is a C.E.O. who runs his own music label, GROOVL1N. Several episodes after, we noticed the fragile sides of Ravi, displaying bizarreness and clumsiness in some of the games. He is often teased by Dindin for his lack of skills.

Interestingly, to blend the incompetencies and vulnerabilities of Seonho and Ravi is adorably fun and chaotic. When they were first teamed up in the show, they almost lost in every game. In fact, they are often the ones who keep asking the game instructions, which, for some reason, made the show more engaging to watch.

But they did not give up as Team Horavi. Ravi even told the members, “Mark my word. Seonho and I will film a commercial.”

Getting to know each other well, they have learned to weather each other’s weaknesses and polish up their strengths. From being losers, they have transformed into sparkling wits, winning in every game.

Their personalities blend well because they bring out the best in each other. In fact, the “Horavi” chant they put together is the most catchy, memorable, and unbeatable. It just proves a remarkable duo chemistry.

2. They are both warmhearted, “cuddle buddies”.

Horavi shows that male friendship involving openness and intimacy but non-sexual, is possible. They are not afraid to show how relaxed they are around each other, knowing no distance or space between them. In many instances, we have seen them on screen sharing sweet gestures and warm gazes.

They had special moments in the show that only the two shared as brothers. They liked being together, sitting next to each other, and doing things together such as taking selfies. They also comforted one another and considered what each one liked with brotherly care and delight. They are truly both warmhearted men and sweet, “cuddle buddies”.

3. They express brotherly love and friendship on and off-screen.

They support each other’s career and endeavors.

Ravi mentioned in his various interviews that his “hyung” Seonho supports and promotes his work, “My songs are always included in his playlist. He is updated on my new releases and recommends my songs to others. It feels like I gained a real older brother, of having someone to talk to about almost everything.”

As Seonho talks about Ravi’s songs in his magazine pictorials and interviews, Ravi also supports the projects of Seonho, cheering him through random messages and likes in social media. He even uses the Miima mask that Kim Seonho endorses.

They share and express brotherly affection, affirming each other’s strengths. The only child, Seonho, told Ravi, “You’re a little brother with many things to learn from,” “Ravi, I like you so much” and “My little brother (dongsaeng)”.

When asked what superpower they possess, Ravi volunteered to speak for Seonho, warmly telling everyone in the show, “Seonho makes people smile.”

4. They are both good-looking and talented.

Undeniably, they were the tallest, sportiest, and hottest in the “2 Days and 1 Night Season 4” show. They are not just good-looking but also talented and well-known in their craft, in music and acting.

In fact, they both received the 2021 Popularity Award. Kim Seonho won the Tiktok Popularity Award at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards while Ravi won the Popularity Award for Culture and Art Singer at the 2021 K-Model.

5. They wear matchy-matchy outfits and poses.

On random occasions, we have witnessed them wear almost the same match-matchy outfits and poses.

Despite their different drives and traits, they get along well with each other and are in sync as if sharing the same brain cells.

In a world where male friendships are conditioned to be distant, emotionless, and awkward, the relationship of Seonho and Ravi proves the opposite. Their bromance is one that transcends the boundaries of a regular friendship—healthy and secure.

Their brotherhood is truly worth keeping and remembering for life.


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