10 Funniest Moments In “2 Days And 1 Night” Season 4

“2 Days and 1 Night” (1박 2일 in hangul) is a popular reality-variety show in South Korea, broadcast through the KBS World Channel. Season 4 began airing on December 8, 2019 with six male celebrities namely Kim Seonho (Actor), Moon Seyoon (Comedian), Yeon Junghoon (Actor), Dindin (Rapper), Ravi (Rapper), and the returning cast member, Kim Jongmin.

The members travel for two days and one night while performing missions to earn rewards such as a good meal or sleeping indoors. Season 4 is mainly directed by Bang Geulyi, also known as “Smiley PD” and “Natasha”. She is also the first female to direct the show.

The show is not only entertaining but it is also educational, especially to international fans, providing them enriched knowledge on Korean culture, history, language, cities, provinces, tourist spots, and food.

Each episode is definitely fun and hilarious. But here are ten of the funniest moments of the show, in no particular order:

1. Trust Me Game

Year: May 2020

Episode 26: Brothers’ Special Part 2

The members traveled to Jinan, North Jeolla Province to improve their brotherhood loyalty and trust through a special concept called, “We Are Brothers”. One of the games prepared was “Pass the Flour”. With their eyes closed, they will pass down the flour in a relay race. Depending on the amount of flour they gather for 100 seconds, they will win balls (additional ingredients) for their dinner. They sat in line according to their height, Dindin in front and Kim Seonho at the end. However messy the game turned out, they won 16 balls.

2. Kim Jongmin’s Ripped Pants

Year: 2021

Episode 67: Feel the Rhythm of Korea

To celebrate their first anniversary, the cast members appeared as the main talents for the special episode of “Feel the Rhythm of Korea”, promoting the city of Incheon, in partnership with Korea Tourism Organization. However, only four members will be selected to dance with Ambiguous Dance Company. Thus, all six members have to prepare and compete for the audition. When it was Kim Jongmin’s turn, he accidentally ripped his pants while showing his extra freestyle moves. Nevertheless, he made it to the Top 4 dancers to take part in the special travel video.

3. Salty Fruit Salad

Year: April 2020

Episode 19: Go Everywhere All Over Korea, Part 3

On a spring day, the members played a dice game for a trip around Korea. They were divided into two teams: Team Traitors (Kim Jongmin, Kim Seonho, Ravi) and Team LMS (Moon Seyoon, Yoon Junghoon, Dindin). The winning team who will complete the mission will earn meal tickets. One of the games is to pick the salty fruit salad. While the opponent team makes a guess, the other team does acting tricks. Team LMS failed to select the salty fruit salad while the Team Traitors won five meal tickets.

4. Kim Seonho’s Unwanted Massage

Year: 2020

Episode 23: Stress Zero Part 2

The “Stress Zero” episode aims to relieve the stress of the cast members. They were given individual tests and later divided into two teams: Blue Course (Kim Jongmin, Moon Seyoon, Ravi) and Green Course (Yoon Junghon, Kim Seonho, Dindin). To relieve the stress of the Green Course team, they will get a massage from a guest therapist. However, Kim Seonho revealed that massages are too painful for him and tried to escape his turn.

5. Kim Jongmin Slapped Dindin

Year: August 2021

Episode 85: To the House in the Rural Area, Part 2

The members traveled to a quiet rural area to meet the guest granny, the Nation’s grandma, Ms Kim Young Ok. To make the summer more fun, they played games in the cool stream in front of grandma’s house. Team Traitors (Kim Jongmin, Kim Seonho, Ravi) and Team LMS (Yoon Junghoon, Moon Seyoon, Dindin) competed for a palm push. The losing team, Team Traitors, took off their shirts to show their upper bodies.

6. Moon Seyoon Bullied By Naughty Co-Members

Year: 2021

Episode 68: Pit-a-pat, Spring is Here, Part 1

Moon Seyoon, a mukbang lover, made a promise to 2D1N viewers to lose 8kg in a month. If he fails to do so, he will jump into the water. Despite the crisis that he experienced as a food show entertainer, he disciplined himself with a diet and tried regular biking, too. Finally, on the 28th, his co-members teased him to check his weight. He had to remove his clothes, then, inside a box. However, he only lost 6.7kg but the Staff gave him a chance to lose another 1.3kg that day. Surprisingly, he achieved the weight challenge by evening.

7. Who Will Marry First?

Year: 2021

Episode 76: A Gentleman’s Dignity, Part 2

The “sleeping indoors or outdoors” game in this episode centered around two desperate singles who desire to be in a relationship. Surprisingly, Jongmin and Dindin both selected “Jongmin will marry first”. But instead of giving good opinions to defend their choice, they ended up criticizing each other. Hahaha! The rest of the members gave their honest remarks as if giving a brotherly advice on dating. It was a hilarious game but sad at the same time. The team who picked “Dindin will marry first” won and they slept indoors. However, the losing team with Jongmin and Dindin in it, continued talking about their dating frustration with Moon Seyoon giving them words of advice inside the tent.

8. Poor Dindin vs. Calm Seyoon

Year: 2020

Episode 21: Our Way to School with Full of Memories, Part 2

Two teams will compete in a balance game called, “Saving Water on the Trampoline”. The opponent’s goal is to spill it. Moon Seyoon, being heavy, has the advantage of making the opponent fall. Unfortunately, the smallest and lightest member among them, Dindin, was paired with him. Dindin lost all his water in a few seconds.

9. Kim Jongmin’s letter

Year: 2021

Episode 63: The Time Travelers, Part 2

On this New Year’s special episode, they traveled to the past through various mission games. To end the night, the Staff gathered them in a room to travel a year ago where they wrote letters for each other. The members became anxious and embarrassed to remember what they have written when they were still awkward strangers. They tried to convince the Staff not to read the letters. However, it was a funny moment, revealing shocking predictions about one another, most especially Kim Jongmin’s letter.

10. Playful Brotherhood

Year: 2021

Episode 72: Buan, North Jeolla Province

On a trip to Buan, North Jeolla Province, they were divided into two teams to accomplish every mission. One adorable and funny moment in this episode is the “Make Rainbow Rice Cakes”, a game which includes the colorful “Single” doll players. To make the game more fun, the losing team decided to annoy the winning team. It became chaotic in the end.

Congratulations to 1박 2일 for winning the “Weekend Entertainment Program” category at the 2021 Brand Customer Loyalty Awards and “Best Variety Show” at the 48th Korea Broadcasting Awards (2021).