20+ Powerful Quotes On Humanity And Social Evils From Korean Dramas

Korean dramas are known to write and produce quality content that address a number of relevant issues contributing to dilemmas in society.

From distorted news to injustice and defamation, we have collected 20+ most powerful quotes from Korean series that convey a strong voice of public awareness on humanity and social evils:

“Fame always comes with a price. It’s because you are now famous that people are spreading ridiculous rumors about you.” – Our Beloved Summer

“Shouldn’t the press be correcting fake news? This is why people never respect reporters.” – Hellbound

“In this industry, people spread all sorts of groundless rumors.” – Now, We Are Breaking Up

“Ruining one’s reputation with facts is also defamation.” – Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

“That article you wrote was the same as a guilty verdict. As a reporter, don’t you have a sense of responsibility or a guilty conscience?” – One Ordinary Day

“It’s so easy for people to gossip about others and criticize them for the choices they make.” – Nevertheless

“Evil is prevalent and vehement.” – Vincenzo

“There are many kinds of people in this world. And every person thinks they are special. But if you take a closer look, they are only two categories: the predator and the prey.” – My Name

“Human are scarier than ghosts. And money is scarier than humans.” – Hello, Me

“Close acquaintances will be the first ones to gossip. Those close to you can be the harshest.” – Reflection Of You

“Some people talk without thinking. They don’t think at all.” – Our Beloved Summer

“That’s why you should be more cautious. Those around you can be even more dangerous.” – Reflection Of You

“There is no justice in reality, there is only game. A dreadful unjust game.” – The Devil Judge

“There was a time when I admired you. I wished to be like you. But that ended when I found out that your honor was built on injustice.” – The King’s Affection

“He joined the army to protect the country, but he was beaten and harassed. That’s why he deserted. Why isn’t anyone taking responsibility?” – Deserter Pursuit

“Those in prison are one of two kinds: backstabbers or those who get back-stabbed.” – One Ordinary Day

“The world is full of all kinds of people. They all look different, think differently, live differently.” – Now, We Are Breaking Up

“People can’t control their greed. Only thing bigger than greed is just bigger greed.” – Vincenzo

“At times they’re courageous and at times they’re cowards. Humans are so hard to understand.” – Happiness

“We live in a society. You can’t hate being around people.” – Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

“No matter how much you hate the world and the people in it, you can never live alone. You always need someone to rely on as long as you are a human being.” – The Devil Judge

“Making the world a better place through intimidation and condemnation? That reminds me of a place called hell.” – Hellbound

“If you can’t root for them, at least dont trample on them.”- Navillera

“People criticize me even when I do a good job.” – Now, We Are Breaking Up

“You freely judge other people’s lives, but are offended when you’re being assessed?” – Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

“I’m getting more disappointed in humanity everyday.” – Happiness