Kim Seonho Enters The Brand Value Rankings For Actors

On December 28th, Top Star News revealed the ranking of actors with brand value.

Celebrities with brand power or value builds credibility and serves as a vital tool for advertisers in selecting a model. The positive image is also strongly influenced by the fandom’s participation in community or social media activities and reactions.

From December 21 to 27, Top Star News analyzed big data in areas including reading rate, reader recommendations, article comments, and retweet clicks.

Kim Seonho entered the Top 10 list of brand value ranking, claiming the 8th place with a total score of 7,104 points.

On September 2021, he took first place in the brand reputation ranking for drama actors from the Korean Business Research Institute data with a brand reputation index of 5,551,730. It rose 29.72% to a brand reputation index of 7,201,577 in October.

On December 14th, he also ranked first place in the Gallup Korea survey for the category, “TV Actor of the Year”.

Kim Seonho is currently working hard and shooting for his movie debut, “Sad Tropics”, a highly anticipated film which will showcase a dark and complicated character that the audience has never seen the actor performed before.

Photo cover: Salt Ent