30 Quotes: The Red Sleeve (2021)

Here’s a collection of quotes from the Korean series, The Red Sleeve (2021-2022):

“Sometimes, I just think what would us be like if I was not a courtmaid and you are not a king. Just like a normal couple.”

“I want to keep you by my side. Not as a court maid, but as a woman.”

“Were you swayed by me or was I swayed by you?”

“Your life solely depend on my decision. Your everything is mine. Never forget that you can die or live, only on my will.”

After meeting you, I always smiled. You always made me smile.”

“If you were by my side now, it will be less painful.”

“I sometimes saw you with them. You were always smiling and I always felt I was being robbed of something that’s mine. Are your comrades more precious to you than me?”

“I love you. It is okay if you do not love me back.”

“I came to take a breather. I feel alive now.”

“I’ve lost you so many times. Every time, my heart was burning, but I couldn’t say anything. I don’t do that anymore. Now, I’m not losing you again.”

“If you don’t love me, you’re still mine. But if you wanna let you go, I will let you go. However I will never meet you again in the future. Can you live without seeing me in the future?”

“Stay with me all the time from now on because you’re mine.”

“I love you. You don’t have to love me. I don’t care what kind of feelings you have for me. Whether it’s loyalty or love, just stay by my side.”

“We’re happy today, and some days we get sad. After all, isn’t that what love is like?”

“I will never let go of this hand forever.”

“Turns out, we didn’t have much time left together. Nor did I have the patience to wait. So, love me. Please. Love me.”

“I dont mind if it is past or a dream. I dont mind even if it’s a death. As long as im with you. I wish this moment wont change. I wish it becomes eternity.”

“Yes. That type of woman would make a good wife. But no woman can ever be you. I went against my nature to keep you in my heart. That’s why it has to be you.”

“Thank you for saving my life repeatedly. Even when I did not know you, you protected me.”

“You should rather cry because of me. You should cry only in front of me. When I cannot see you, when I do not know you are crying, do not cry alone.”

“I just want to share joy and sorrow with you like now. I want to live in peace. I do not want change. I want everything to stay this way.”

“I had high expectations for you. I gave you affection which I could never have. I adored you so much. I loved you so much.”

“I also want to live in peace. A long life without many ups and downs.”

“His Highness is dear, but myself is dearer. So I will never drive myself into pain. If I cannot have it all to myself, I would rather not have it at all.”

“To serve you by your side, pretending not to see or hear anything. So there is only one thing I can do. I can only light the path you take.”

“I wonder how it feels to love someone with all your heart.”

“As your loyal maid, protecting you is the only thing I have in mind. When traitors show themselves, you can always hide behind me.”

“This ice may be cold, but not as much as my heart.”

“Every part of you is mine. You can die and live, only at my will. You should never forget that.”

“I may be just a mere court maid to you, but I will be serving you for the rest of my life.”

Synopsis: It tells the record of a royal court romance between the King of Joseon who believes his duty is to his country first above love, and a court lady who wants to protect the life she has chosen.
Based on: The Red Sleeve Cuff by Kang Mi-kang
Genre: Romance, Historical drama
No. of episodes: 17
Starring: Lee Jun-ho, Lee Se-young, and Kang Hoon
Written by: Jung Hae-ri
Directed by: Jung Ji-in and Song Yeon-hwa
Date: November 12, 2021 – January 1, 2022
Network: MBC, Viu