Airen Fans Celebrate Lee Seung-gi’s Birthday Through Digital Posters

It’s the birth month of the multi-talented actor, Lee Seung-gi, and his fans called “Airen” which means lover in Chinese, have prepared something special for their favorite superstar.

Various colorful digital posters dedicated for Lee Seung-gi brightened Sinyongsan Station in Seoul city. This was made possible by Airens in coordination with CHOEAEDOL. It will be displayed from January 7 to 20.

Lee Seung-gi who has captured the hearts of millions has been in the entertainment industry for almost 17 years now. He is loved not just for his impeccable skills in acting but also for his capabilities in many things such as singing, hosting, and entertaining.

This multi-awarded star has participated in various variety-reality shows and has shown that he is a street smart guy who can face and endure any challenge that he is entrusted with.

Give him any outdoor task or sports and you’ll be impressed with the outcome of his work. More so, with his diligence and strong will. It’s the same thing with his drama roles. Be it action, drama, or portraying a psychopath, he can perform it with excellence.

That’s who Lee Seung-gi is. No wonder he is loved by millions, especially Airen fans.

Happy birthday, Lee Seung-gi!

Cover photo: CHOEAEDOL