3 Points Why Choi Woo-shik Is The Next Heartthrob “Oppa”

Choi Woo-shik, the male lead star of the hit series, Our Beloved Summer, has been winning hearts these days.

In the recent report of Good Data Corporation, he and his co-star, Kim Dami, continue to dominate the most buzzworthy drama actors. Our Beloved Summer also remains in the Global Top 10 on Netflix and has been watched for 58.4 million hours since release.

Choi Woo-shik is a Korean-Canadian who has been in the entertainment industry since 2011. He has appeared in 16 films and 18 TV series including the hit productions, Train To Busan (2016), The Witch: Part 1, The Subversion (2018), and Parasite (2019).

In 2014, he won the “Actor of the Year” for his performance in the film, Set Me Free, at the Busan International Film Festival. In 2020, he was recognized for his role in Parasite and awarded the “Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture” at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

The actor continues to impress the audience with his acting skills in any given role. Meanwhile, he seems to be drawing much attention with his romantic role in Our Beloved Summer.

Here are three points why Choi Woo-shik is the next heartthrob “oppa”:

1. TALENT: The way he portrays Choi Ung as a broken yet endearing lover is captivating.

One of the highlights of Our Beloved Summer is how Choi Woo-shik delivers himself afresh as an actor. In the drama, he plays as Choi Ung, a talented illustrator who hopes nothing but a simple and peaceful life that “basks in the sun during the day and lies underneath a lamp at night”.

He captivates the audience with the way he portrays the humanly relatable character of Choi Ung —childish, lazy, lonely, appears to have no direction in life yet cozy and warm as a human being. The way he looks at life and deals with it just affects viewers emotionally.

Moreover, Choi Woo-shik soulfully delivers himself as a broken yet endearing lover in the drama. You will feel whatever emotion he portrays. Despite the flaws of the lover Choi Ung, you will fall for him, feel for him, empathize with him, and root for him.

No doubt but Choi Woo-shik’s performance in this drama will stay with the audience for a long time.

2. CHARM: He appears to be more charming now than ever.

Whether he wears glasses or not and whatever outfit color he wears in the drama, he looks more charming than ever.

We’ve seen him in several films and TV dramas before and were impressed by his acting skills. But this time, we’ve been swooned by his good looks and charm.

Everytime the scene shows close-up shots of his eyes and nose, you can’t resist to wonder, “This actor is good-looking, man.” He has this different kind of vibe and charm that is worthy of attention.

You will find yourself fascinated with the way he looks totally neat and decent like how heartthrob oppas Lee Jong-suk and Kim Seonho visually appear to be.

3. DIMPLE: His single dimple is too cute to handle.

Dimpled oppas such as Hyun Bin and Kim Seonho, have stolen our hearts.

Choi Woo-shik is next in line. His single dimple on the right cheek is completely adorable that you want to poke it when it pops on-screen or appears in magazines.

Cover photo: dntlrdl