These 15 K-Drama Stars Still Look Good Wearing Face Masks

To wear a face mask has become a normal part of life since the COVID-19 pandemic.

In fact, many famous personalities have styled their masks to match with their outfits. Some of the celebrity-inspired protective masks also topped the best buys in online shopping.

We browsed through the Instagram accounts of famous Korean celebrities and found 15 famous K-drama stars who have not only followed COVID-19 protocols, but have also shown that they still look good even with a face mask on: (in no particular order)

1. Kim Seonho

2. Shin Mina

3. Jisoo

4. Lee Minho

5. Ji Chang-wook

6. Im Siwan

7. Kim Soo-hyun

8. Suzy Bae

9. Ju Jihoon

10. Na Inwoo

11. Kim Woo-bin

12. Han Hyo-joo

13. Lee Do-hyun

14. Rowoon

15. Song Kang