Miima Korea Releases New Dapper Looks Of Kim Seonho

On February 4th, Miima Korea shared a teaser photo of Kim Seonho, looking dapper in black suit and face mask, to promote their new advertisement.

Whether the photos were taken early this year or in 2021, Kim Seonho looked absolutely dapper and suave in black that fans can’t help but express, “all of us are dead”.

Kim Seonho was reported to have signed a contract with Miima Korea in January 2021 and publicly revealed as the new endorser in March 2021.

Kim Hwi-seong, the CEO of the said face mask brand, has been open about sharing the good personality of the actor and how he has seen his sincerity during the advertisement filming in 2021.

“Kim Seonho is so humble. Despite the discomfort in outdoor filming, he did not complain but rather, brightened the mood on the set,” shared CEO Kim. He also talked about how he was moved to see the actor playing with his daughter behind-the-scenes.

He has also expressed his thoughts of not terminating the contract with the actor back in October 2021. Although it was reported in January 2022 that Kim Seonho declined new acting projects and contract renewal with brands, it remains unconfirmed from valid sources such as his agency.

Only one thing is for sure: Kim Seonho is actively filming for his movie debut, Sad Tropics, which is expected to be released in the second half of the year. Brands such as 11Street, Edition Sensibility, and Miima, to name a few, also continue to promote their products featuring the actor.

In December 2021, Miima Korea was selected as the winner of 2021 Max Summit Award in the Lifestyle category for its good reputation, good price, and good quality.

Moreover, it has been reported that Miima items were sold out in hours and days across online shopping stores, including overseas. Thus, the labels #KimSeonhoEffect and #SoldOutKing went viral online in 2021.

Meanwhile, three new video ads will be released through Miima’s Youtube channel on February 4th at 6:00pm, KST.

Cover photo: Miima Korea