Kim Seonho Fills Jeju With Warmth

Stories upon stories about Kim Seonho in Jeju circulated online. While it was reported early in January that he declined projects for this year other than the movie, Sad Tropics, he was actually on the island doing work for the said film.

Known to be a tteobbokki lover, Kim Seonho and the rest of the cast as well as Director Park Hoon-Jung often visited tteobbokki restaurants. Autographs of Kim Seonho and Go Ara from various restaurants appeared online as well as warm stories about the actor’s good manners and handsome looks.

One of the stores that the team visited, Jeju Carrot Bro, posted a photo of Kim Seonho’s autograph and shared a story about his encounter with the actor on Christmas Day and on January 18th.

Captured from jeju_carrot_bro

The restaurant owner said that Kim Seonho might have noticed that he was only explaining about the food or giving attention to him and the director.

What Kim Seonho did warmly impressed the owner. He put his hands on the rookie actor’s shoulder, Kang Tae-joo, and said, “He is the main star of our movie. Please take care of him.”

The owner said that he saw a different Kim Seonho—a warmhearted and thoughtful actor who thinks of his co-stars more than himself. It made him become an instant fan that day.

When the team was about to leave the restaurant, some diners asked for a photo with Kim Seonho but the actor politely declined, saying, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,” with downcast shoulders.

The owner said that he felt the actor’s sincerity and apologetic heart that he wanted to protect him. He even put the hashtag #pleaseprotecttheactor at the end of his long caption. He also started cheering for the team, hoping that Sad Tropics will be a hit.

In another post, the owner shared a clearer photo of Kim Seonho’s smiley drawing with the intention of making Seonhohada fans happy.

Meanwhile, the store owner is requesting some fans to quit asking him questions about Kim Seonho through his DM as he knows no other information than the actor being warm.

Cover photo: Kim Seonho in Pohang during the filming of Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha.