Top 5 Korean Actors In The Overall Brand Value Rankings

On February 11th, Top Star News released the ranking of actors with brand value for the week of February 4 to 10, 2022. The survey data was analyzed in areas including reading rate, reader recommendations, article comments, and retweet clicks.

The Bulgasal: Immortal Souls male stars, dominated the overall brand value ranking for the week.

Lee Joon took 1st place, attaining a brand value score of 13,373 points, while Lee Jin-wook ranked 2nd place with a brand value point of 12,823.

Both actors also dominated the list of most buzzworthy drama actors for the 1st week of February.

Meanwhile, Kwak Dong-yeon has claimed the 3rd spot with a brand value score of 9,512 points. He also took 3rd place for the average value per article, attaining 4,756 points.

Kim Seonho rose to 4th spot from the previous overall brand value ranking of 7th place. For this week, he acquired a total brand value score of 9,457 points. His average brand value per article has also increased from 3,212 to 4,729 points.

The 5th place was taken by Park Eun-bin with a brand value point of 9,426. Looking at the average value per article, she has claimed the 1st spot, achieving a reading value score of 9,426 points.