Kim Seonho Tops The Most Loved Celebrity To Give Chocolate To On Valentine’s Day

In a poll conducted by Seven Edu from January 17 to February 9, Kim Seonho emerged as the no.1 Korean celebrity to give chocolate to on Valentine’s Day.

His popularity is unstoppable and continues to soar high, not just in South Korea, but also overseas. Out of 56,930 Korean participants, about 50% or 28,796 people selected the actor.

The CEO of Seven Edu, Cha Gil Young, explained why Kim Seonho got the highest votes, “He has a sweet personality and smile that captivates the hearts of women.”

Meanwhile, BTS Jimin ranked 2nd place, attaining 26,827 votes (47.1%), followed by Kang Daniel with 641 votes (1.1%), and Jung Hae-in in 4th place, obtaining 493 votes (0.9%).

While February 14 is widely celebrated as a special day for lovers to exchange gifts, it is commonly known in South Korea as a time for women to give chocolates to the men they love.

Seven Edu is an elementary, middle, and high school internet math education company in South Korea.

Source: Naver