SALT Entertainment Releases Statement Against False Reports, Fake Accounts

On February 19th, SALT Entertainment released an official statement against fake accounts and false reports about their artists.

Although the released statement did not mention the specific name of the actor, fans are delighted to know that the agency is responding to false information and taking action to protect their talents.

The statement reads as follows:

“Hello. This is SALT Entertainment. Recently, there have been reports of false information circulating online about our actor such as fabricated eyewitness stories and running a fake account that pretends to be our artist who sends manipulated DMs. It is to our dismay that such information and cases are not grounded upon facts. Please take caution against such occurrences to avoid any damage and harm. We are accepting reports in regards to this issue, so please send us any related information to SALT Entertainment’s official email address. Thank you.”

SALT agency is the home of some big stars in South Korea, including Park Shin-hye, Kim Jiwon, Kim Seonho, and Park Heeson.

Cover photo: SALT Entertainment