20+ Quotes: Ghost Doctor (2022)

Here’s a collection of quotes from the series, Ghost Doctor:

On career, knowledge, and skills

“If you’re a master of book learning, you end up like a doctor who is all talk but who can’t lift a finger.” – Professor Cha Youngmin

  • “You are indeed a distinguished doctor. But from what I hear, your character requires some work.” – Resident Ko Seungtak
  • “It takes an entire hospital to raise a genius doctor.” – Resident Ko Seungtak
  • “Should I lose patients who can survive by focusing on those who can’t?” – Professor Cha Youngmin
  • “Most geniuses tend to be slightly insane.” – Resident Ko Seungtak

“Do you know who makes the least progress in coversational English? Those who did well in English in school. They think their conversational skills equal the grades they got. So what if you got good grades for 10 years if you can’t speak for more than 10 seconds?” – Professor Cha Youngmin

  • “When a patient is at death’s door, between a harsh doctor who is greatly skilled and a warmhearted humane doctor with poor skills. Who do you think they’ll choose?” – Professor Cha Youngmin
  • “Just to help you save face, I cannot have a blemish on my career.” – Professor Cha Youngmin
  • “The higher he goes, the harder he falls. Having more specrators means the damage will be more crucial.” – Director Han Seungwon

“What saves a patient is not what’s in the heart but what’s in your head and hands.” – Professor Cha Youngmin

  • “A doctor is not a service provider of emotions. It’s a technical job where visible skills are important. Therefore, if you have no skills whatsoever, and you just want to ace exams to earn a sign, I hope you do not waste your time.” – Professor Cha Youngmin
  • “I’m the one doing the surgery. But you’re taking all the credit.” – Professor Cha Youngmin
  • “The doctors don’t work for you. Don’t prevent them from operating.” – Resident Ko Seungtak
  • “I was always afraid. Not just because a patient’s life depends on my fingers, but because their whole life does.” – Professor Cha Youngmin

“Great cooks make delicious dishes. Great artists create amazing pieces. Doctors save patients’ lives.” – Professor Cha Youngmin

  • “Being great at what you do. The feel of ruling the world isn’t really anything special. As a doctor, saving a patient’s life makes you great and wins you the world.” – Professor Cha Youngmin
  • “Operating is about the feel in your hands.” – Professor Cha Youngmin
  • “Don’t you know that hands are everything to surgeons? Just like that, the lives of your patients rest in your hands. If you make the slightest mistake with your hands, you can kill someone’s life.” – Professor Cha Youngmin

On life

“But even if that miracle is 99% the will of above, I think the remaining 1% is the will and desires of people.” – Dr. Jang Sejin

  • “In life, there sometimes come a time when you desperately call to the deities.” – Cleaning lady
  • “People should be cool about it and leave when it’s their time.” – Professor Cha Youngmin
  • “So what if you were born with a golden spoon? Your hands are made of dirt.” – Professor Cha Youngmin
  • “Family feud is the bloodiest.” – Professor Cha Youngmin
  • “The more desperate you become, the sadder and more disappointed you become.” – Ghost Tes

“Why don’t you keep your distance for awhile? Then you’ll be able to reflect on your feelings and see reality a little more objectively.” – Clinician

  • “You’ve been through some major events and are emotionally exhausted. That may be why you search for meaning in minor events or blow them out of proportion.” – Clinician
  • “You are much more important than my hands.” – Professor Cha Youngmin
  • “A father who can’t do his job right is bound to raise his son wrong.” – Chairman Jang
  • “This is the last game of my life.” – Chairman Jang

“There’s no winning or losing when you’re playing. That’s the same with human lives. You don’t win or lose. That’s a good life.” – Ghost Tes

Genre: Fantasy, Medical drama
Synopsis: A ghost medical drama about two doctors, who are completely opposite each other in terms of background, skills, and temperament, merging into one person.
No of episodes: 16
Starring: Rain, Uee, Kim Bum, and Son Na-eun
Written by: Kim Sun-soo
Directed by: Boo Seong-cheol
Original network: tvN, Viu
Date: January 3 – February 22, 2022

Subtitle translation: Viu