13.7M Votes Cast For Kim Seonho As “Most Handsome Korean Actor 2022”

After an intense yet remarkable battle in the online poll conducted by King Choice, Kim Seonho has been officially declared as the Most Handsome Korean Actor 2022.

A whopping 13.7 million votes has been cast for Kim Seonho from Seonhohada fans across the globe which made him take this year’s most handsome title.

Captured from kingchoice.me

The strong contender, Jung Hae-in, received a massive count of 12.9 million votes and took 2nd place. He is followed by Ji Chang-wook who obtained 280,222 votes. Kim Soo-hyun came in 4th place with 240,827 votes while Lee Joon-gi ranked 5th place with 223,171 votes.

Captured from kingchoice.me

The 2022 poll attracted a record-breaking 28.4 million total votes from fans worldwide compared to 2021’s poll of 2.9 million count and 2020’s poll of 19.2 million total votes.

Meanwhile, the past winners of King Choice’s most handsome Korean actors include Kim Soo-hyun in 2021 with 1,028,459 votes and Hyun Bin in 2020 with 4,270,071 votes.

King Choice is a K-pop and celebrity voting website and poll for The Most Handsome Korean Actor 2022 officially ended on February 28th.

Congratulations, Kim Seonho and Seonhohada fans!

Cover photo: Elle Korea