10+ Quotes: Kill Heel (2022)

Updated: April 4, 2022

Here’s a collection of quotes from the Korean series, Kill Heel (2022):

On lifestyle, career, and competition

“One imperfection will not end your career.” – CEO Lee

  • “If you want to become high-class, make something high-class.” – Fashion Designer
  • “Your fashion has no image. My project isn’t about making a profit. Even if you lose money, I think you should create a differentiated image. Profits will follow naturally.” – Fashion Designer

“Nothing in life is free. Once your salary goes up, you have to work even harder.” – Gi Mo Ran

  • “That’s how it is. No one stays on top or in the bottom forever.” – Staff
  • “I may have opened the path for you, but the rest is all thanks to your skills.” – CEO Lee

“You only wear what you sell to sell it, don’t you? That’s what a lot of people think.” – Bae Ok Sun

  • “She has zero skills but she climbed her way up with her face and by pulling that.” – No Da Bi
  • “I don’t know art but I do know value.” – Gi Mo Ran

“Team? In the eyes of our company, we’re nothing but worn-out machines.” – Woo Hyun

  • “I had a shine? I was special? How strange. It that’s how you thought of me, why did you never give me a chance?” – Woo Hyun
  • “Young people these days only focus on hitting it big, not surviving.” – Gi Mo Ran
  • “Power struggles are common at meetings.” – Woo Hyun

“The competition is fierce. There is only one available but many takers.” – Sang Chan

On life, relationships, and responsibilities

“If you look at people’s social media, no one is miserable.” – Ms Oh

  • “This isn’t just money. It’s something no one should touch or mistreat. But you’re coveting it right now.” – Woo Hyun
  • “Even if you have to take a few steps back, swallow your pride and stay there. In life, some things are more important than your pride.” – Gaon

“Look at you. You are still shining but your resentment is overshadowing it. That’s your problem.” – Gi Mo Ran

Genre: Drama
Synopsis: The series depicts the life of three women who have strong desire to achieve success in the home shopping industry.
No. of episodes: 14
Starring: Kim Sung-ryung, Kim Ha-neul and Lee Hye-young
Written by: Lee Choon-woo, Sin Kwang-ho
Directed by: Noh Do-cheol 
Original network: tvN, Viu
Date: March 9 to April 21, 2022

Subtitle translation: Viu