Kim Seonho Takes 3 Consecutive Wins As K-Drama Wave Actor 2022

It’s a great start into the year for Kim Seonho and his fandom with three straight wins on Thekking, a popular online voting platform which was developed for fans of K-dramas and K-pop. 

For three consecutive months, Kim Seonho ranked first place in the category, K-Drama Wave Actor, earning a digital ad display at New York’s Time Square, NASDAQ billboard.

The actor received more than 4 million votes in January, 1.4 million hearts in February, and 1.7 million votes in March from fans worldwide.

[March 2022 result]

THEKKING has also released its official announcement for this month’s winner on Twitter. It includes a congratulatory video for Kim Seonho through their YouTube account.

[Image source: THEKKING]

On February 24, his digital ad adorned the city of New York as a result of his win in January. The video which was created by a fan, featured Kim Seonho as “The Most Popular Actor”, “Award-Winning Actor”, and “Hallyu Star”. It also introduced his upcoming movie, Sad Tropics (2022) and expressed a warm message of love to the actor, “We prefer you.”

His second digital ad which was also created by a fan will appear at New York’s Time Square, NASDAQ billboard, from March 28 to April 3, 2022. The video introduces Kim Seonho as “The most popular Korean actor’, “Preferred by many across the globe”, “King of acting range”, “Award-winning actor”, and “Acting genius”. It also promotes his upcoming movie, Sad Tropics (2022) with a warm message that says, “The globe prefers you” and “Our sunshine.”

Meanwhile, his third ad will be displayed on the last week in April.

Congratulations, Kim Seonho and Seonhohada fans!

Cover photo: seonho_kim