Thailand Welcomes Actor Kim Seonho, Director Park Hoon-jung

Top Hallyu star, Kim Seonho with Director Park Hoon-jung were spotted at the airport in Thailand on March 31st.

The actor who was on a public hiatus and reportedly declined appearances and projects other than Sad Tropics (2022) was seen on a group photo with the movie team circulating online.

The fandom of Kim Seonho was filled with delight and excitement upon seeing the public photos of their well-loved actor again after almost six months of public disengagement. #KimSeonho and Welcome to Thailand went trending on Twitter as well as several welcome back messages filled the timeline.

The actor was wearing a white shirt, cotton sweatpants, sneakers, and a bucket headwear. It was also spotted that the actor used the gifts from fans such as the passport holder and watch. It is not clear whether the visit in Thailand is an overseas shoot or a break time with the team. However, the script reading and filming began in December 2021 and the anticipated movie is expected to be released in the second half of the year.

Sad Tropics (2022) is an action film noir by the famous screenwriter-director, Park Hoon-jung. The story revolves around an aspiring Korean-Filipino boxer who comes to Korea to find his estranged father. Throughout the quest, he stumbles upon a villainous group of boys, meets a mysterious nobleman, and encounters misadventures where his life will reverse.

Kim Seonho will portray the role of a nobleman, a very complicated and mysterious character who encounters the Filipino-Korean boxer, which will be played by a rookie actor, Kang Tae-joo. Go Ara and Kim Kang-woo are also part of the movie cast.

It was reported that the dark character of the nobleman will completely transform Kim Seonho’s acting into something different that the audience has never seen him performed before.

On December 2nd, Lee Hwa-bae, a movie critic and Baeksang judge, expressed delight to see a photo of Kim Seonho in a movie magazine, stating“The film industry has gained a new face who has a strong fandom.”

Meanwhile, Director Park Hoon Jung is known for his dark, action, film noir projects. Throughout his career, he has been nominated, recognized, and awarded for his works from various award-giving bodies such as the Baeksang Arts Awards, Blue Dragon Film Awards, Grand Bell Awards, Fantasia International Film Festival, and Golden Cinematography Awards to name a few.

Park Hoon-jung’s hit films include New World (2013), V.I.P (2017), The Witch: Part 1 The Subversion (2018), and Night In Paradise (2021).