A List Of Winners, Nominees At Baeksang Arts Awards In TV Series Category 2020-2021

From Best Drama to Most Popular awards, here are the winners and nominees at one of the most prestigious entertainment awards in South Korea, Baeksang Arts Awards, dated 2020-2021:

1. Best Drama

2020 Grand Prize (Daesang):
When The Camellia Blooms

2020 Winner: Hot Stove League
2021 Winner: Beyond Evil

2020 Nominees:
Crash Landing On You, Hyena, Kingdom, When The Camellia Blooms
2021 Nominees:
It’s Okay To Not Be Okay, Flower Of Evil, My Unfamiliar Family, Extracurricular

2. Best Actor

2020 Winner: Kang Ha-neul for When The Camellia Blooms
2021 Winner: Shin Ha-kyun for Beyond Evil

2020 Nominees:
Hyun Bin (Crash Landing On You), Ju Ji-hoon (Hyena), Nam Koong-min (Hot Stove League) Park Seo-joon (Itaewon Class)
2021 Nominees:
Kim Soo-hyun (It’s Okay To Not Be Okay), Song Joong-ki (Vincenzo), Um Ki-joon (The Penthouse: War In Life), Lee Joon-gi (Flower Of Evil)

3. Best Actress

2020 Winner: Kim Hee-ae for The World Of The Married
2021 Winner: Kim So-yeon for The Penthouse: War In Life

2020 Nominees:
Gong Hyo-jin (When The Camellia Blooms), Kim Hye-soo (Hyena), Son Ye-jin (Crash Landing On You), Lee Ji-eun (Hotel Del Luna)
2021 Nominees:
Kim So-hyun (River Where The Moon Rises), Seo Yea-ji (It’s Okay To Not Be Okay), Shin Hye-sun (Mr. Queen), Uhm Ji-won (Birthcare Center)

4. Best Supporting Actor

2020 Winner: Oh Jung-se for When The Camellia Blooms
2021 Winner: Oh Jung-se for It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

2020 Nominees:
Jeon Seok-ho (Hyena), Kim Young-min (The World Of The Married), Yang Kyung-won (Crash Landing On You), Yoo Jae-myung (Itaewon Class)
2021 Nominees:
Kim Seonho (Start-Up), Kim Ji-hoon (Flower Of Evil), Lee Hee-joon (Mouse), Choi Dae-hoon (Beyond Evil)

5. Best Supporting Actress

2020 Winner: Kim Sun-young for Crash Landing On You
2021 Winner: Yeom Hye-ran for The Uncanny Counter

2020 Nominees:
Kwon Nara (Itaewon Class) Seo Ji-hye (Crash Landing On You), Son Dam-bi (When The Camellia Blooms), Yeom Hye-ran (When The Camellia Blooms)
2021 Nominees:
Park Ha-sun (Birthcare Center), Jang Young-nam (It’s Okay To Not Be Okay), Cha Chung-hwa (Mr. Queen), Shin Eun-kyung (The Penthouse: War In Life)

6. Best New Actor

2020 Winner: Ahn Hyo-seop for Dr. Romantic 2
2021 Winner: Lee Do-hyun for 18 Again

7. Best New Actress

2020 Winner: Kim Da-mi for Itaewon Class
2021 Winner: Park Ju-hyun for Extracurricular

8. Best Director

2020 Winner: Mo Wan-il for The World Of The Married
2021 Winner: Kim Cheol-kyu for Flower Of Evil

9. Best Screenplay

2020 Winner: Lim Sang-choon for When The Camellia Blooms
2021 Winner: Kim Su-jin for Beyond Evil

10. Most Popular Actor

2020 Winner: Hyun Bin
2021 Winner: Kim Seonho

11. Most Popular Actress

2020 Winner: Son Ye-jin
2021 Winner: Seo Yea-ji

Photos: Hancinema