100+ Quotes: Tomorrow (2022)

Updated: May 22, 2022

Here’s a collection of quotes from Tomorrow (2022) Korean drama:

On life, humanity, and choices

“Sitting at a table and eating together like this is joy. So why have I lived, always giving up on these things?” – Cho Hui

  • “Everyone that fate brings together must part at least once, whether they like it or not.” – Koo Ryeon
  • “We’ll go and have a beer together and see the concert. We can say mean things about the Team Manager together. These are the little joys in life.” – Choi Junwoong
  • “Despite all the nasty comments, I believe that I’ve been able to do this work all this time because I’m talented. Then you don’t have to grovel to anyone.” – Cho Hui
  • “It doesn’t matter how good your company is. The only thing that can keep you standing is your talent.” – Cho Hui

“I have no intention of achieving my dream at your sacrifice.” – Mr. Park

“Even though it has been a very long time, very few people come to find me with a look in their eyes like yours. I’m thinking there is a story behind it.” – Lee Jeong Mun

“Most people who make the wrong choice regret it for a long time but eventually, they forget. But sometimes, there are those who are forever haunted by their regrets.” – Director

  • “Despite how long I’ve existed, I will probably never fully understand the love parents have for their children.” – Mr. Lim
  • “People still treating others like that. What has the world come to?” – Director
  • “Live true to yourself without any regrets.” – Ms. Pang

“If you get to a point where you can’t tell a dream from real life, you’ll be in real danger.” – Koo Ryeon

  • “Babies can hear and feel everything while in the womb. They can tell how much their parents love them, take care of them, and worry about them, no matter how young they are. They sense it instinctively because it’s the first love they receive in their lives.” – Mr. Lim
  • “All the lovely things you told her. She’ll remember it all. Because you are her mom.” – Mr. Lim

“Words immediately disappear after they are spoken, but if they are written down, they stay there for a long time.” – Young Lim Ryung-gu

“It’s amazing how our pets always wait for us when human relationships are never absolute, not even between parents and children.” – Mr. Lim

  • “There are no beings as pure as animals.” – Koo Ryeon
  • “I guess people and animals are all the same. You go through hard times because of the people you love. But they also give you strength and are why you don’t lose hope.” – Jun Woong’s sister

“Whether it’s grief, loneliness, pain, or whatever it is, all humans are subject to an equal amount of time where they have to endure it. And those who do are rewarded for it later.” – Director

“Big or small, every decision you make is a choice that has consequences.” – Koo Ryeon

  • “Most people who make the wrong choice regret it for a long time but eventually, they forget. But sometimes, there are those who are forever haunted by their regrets. They can never forget. Not even in their dreams. Even though no amount of regret can change the past.” – Director
  • “They say to some, an emergency is a chance.” – Director
  • “Corporate life sure is hard.” – Choi Junwoong
  • “Isn’t taking care of yourself different from watching your weight?” – Choi Junwoong
  • “Can I be the one to make the flowers on your tree bloom? I’ll water it really well and give it plenty of sunlight.” – Heo Nayoung

“What an honest organism. What you get is what you give it. If it sees the sun, it blooms. If it doesn’t, it wilts.” – Director

  • “Just looking at clean spaces improves mental stability. Especially if it’s their home.” – Mr. Lim
  • “Maybe because it’s the end. I try not to but I keep looking back over my life. I keep regretting the choice I made that day.” – Grandpa Young Chun
  • “If I had known my life would be this difficult, I think perhaps I would have chosen differently.” – Grandpa Young Chan
  • “People kept dying like that so I couldn’t get attached to anyone.” – Grandpa Young Chun
  • “The lives they’ve led are etched into their faces. He has a gentle face. He’s lived a good life.” – Director

“People face choices every moment of their lives. All those various choices come together to make their lives.” – Director

  • “I’ve lived regretting the choice I made that day for a very long time. But fighting for my country was the noblest choice I have made and it was worth it. If I were to go back to that time, I would wear my uniform again.” – Grandpa Young Chun
  • “All humans are faced with choices. And each of those choices comes with consequences.” – Koo Ryeon
  • “It’s not a punishment but a price. The price of a choice. A choice made by those who are more afraid of tomorrow than of death. So they pay the price by walking in regret.” – Koo Ryeon

On pain and thoughts of suicide

“All the people you saved, they’re living good lives. So why are you so unhappy?” – Choi Junwoong

  • “At the time, I was in so much pain that I wished to break all my ties with the world. I even wished that I could just disappear and cease to exist.” – Koo Ryeon
  • “I hate that people say horrible things about me for no reason. I just want to quit it all but I know it’s ironic but I don’t want to go down like a setting sun.” – Cho Hui
  • “No wonder he wants to die when he’s grilled like that everyday.” – Employee
  • “I worked so hard to get in here, but it’s hopeless.” – Yong Ho
  • “I don’t even have those little joys in life.” – Yong Ho

“You look like a twinkling star, but you’re just a lonely, normal person who has too many things to bear.” – Koo Ryeon

“There is no one on my side. Everyone thinks of me as a product to be sold.” – Cho Hui

“It’s already difficult for her to tell anyone how she really feels. Not to mention all those malicious comments. The only way she could handle it was to hold it in and try to drown it out.” – Koo Ryeon

  • “That rumor just keeps spreading. False as it may be, it is what people talk about, everyday. I cannot sleep. I cannot eat. I cannot do anything.” – Koo Ryeon
  • “I don’t want tomorrow to come.” – Koo Ryeon

“Fear got the best of me. Because to them, we were nothing more than disposable items.” – Lee Jeong Mun

  • “Whatever that desire to live was. Whatever fear was. We couldn’t do anything but run.” – Lee Jeong Mun
  • “The look of contempt I received from the people in my village. Their words were sharper than daggers.” – Lee Jeong Mun

“The deeper the regret and the wound, the more lives it will take to fade away.” – Director

  • “It’s just as hard on the kids when they see their moms sad. Because they have to see the person who loved them so much, suffering and in pain.” – Mr. Lim
  • “I regret it every moment of every day.” – Mr. Lim

“I think the afterworld is too harsh on people who took their own lives.” – Choi Junwoong

“So be sure to remember the value of one’s life.” – Director

“If only I could remove the dagger that I plunged into you heart. Every moment, every day, I made excuses for myself and regretted it.” – Mr. Lim

  • “The scars cut too deep and so, it affects the next life as well.” – Koo Ryeon
  • “Pain that remains in your heart will be etched in your soul and affect your next life, too.” – Mr. Park

“People say my scar is disgusting. But compared to the pain I went through? This scar is nothing.” – Cha Yun Hui

“To escape it. Because no matter how hard I try, my thoughts keep returning to that memory.” – Cha Yun Hui

  • “That pain lets me forget the fear, even if for a moment. Ever since then, I needed to be in pain to live. It was the only way I had to run away from that memory and my reality.” – Cha Yun Hui
  • “Sometimes the truest words cut the deepest.” – Director
  • “The wounds you think cannot heal on their own leave quite a deep scar.” – Director
  • “Do you have any idea what kind of hell it is to part ways without a proper goodbye?” – Koo Ryeon

“You cut yourself because you didn’t have anything left in this world that you care about, but you find yourself lingering, realizing the regrets hiding behind the pain.” – Koo Ryeon

“Feeling pain and having scars is the same for everyone.” – Koo Ryeon

  • “Who wouldn’t feel pain when they’ve been cut with a knife?” – Koo Ryeon
  • “I don’t know why I have to live like this, what I’m living for.” – Shin Yena
  • “I thought I could finally escape from people’s gazes, but whether I’m fat or thin, people never stop judging how I look.” – Shin Yena
  • “It feels like I’m in a prison I can never escape from. I really hate how I am now.” – Shin Yena
  • “I’ve become trapped in this prison that other people have made for me.” – Shin Yena
  • “It’s possible that the people who made that prison and put you in there were the people who’ve hurt you this whole time. But don’t you think you could be the one who locked the door so you couldn’t escape?” – Choi Junwoong

“They are the only ones who can free themselves from their situation.” – Koo Ryeon

  • “Maybe it’s because this is my last sunset, but something about it feels different today. It’s as if the painful memories of my past are drifting by.” – Grandpa Young Chun
  • “I’m old without a single accomplishment. I have nothing but regrets in my life. My life was meaningless and worthless.” – Grandpa Young Chun

“I know how it feels like your heart is so tattered, there is nothing more to be torn. How no matter how much time passes, you can’t seem to forget, and the memories just become clearer.” – Koo Ryeon

  • “Do you know how hellish it is to be alive and breathing? What it feels like to lose everything?” – Kang Woojin
  • “It wasn’t easy, returning to everyday life after being on a battlefield where horrific cries filled the air.” – Grandpa Young Chun
  • “Tomorrow will be no different from today, so will it be any different a year from now?” – Jaesoo

“Pain is the essence of life. It’s a living human’s fate to struggle and move forward in spite of that pain.” – Mr. Park

“Others are struggling at the bottom just like you.” – Koo Ryeon

  • “I feel like I’m trapped in a never-ending forest of time.” – Jaesoo
  • “Rather than living like this, I thought dying would be the better option.” – Heo Nayoung
  • “You don’t know what this pain is like. You can’t even imagine it.” – Kang Woojin
  • “What’s the point of a job when tomorrow isn’t guaranteed?” – Choi Junwoong
  • “People like you always say you were just joking after trampling on someone’s soul. But it’s hell for those on the receiving end. Do you know that?” – Koo Ryeon

“Human memory is selective. It keeps what was good and discards the bad. It wraps up the past in nostalgia. Because that’s the only way you can keep on living.” – Koo Ryeon

“What changes when you die? What does that solve?” – Koo Ryeon

“At least I won’t be miserable.” – Homeless man

  • “There was something broken about her. She was trapped in the past. Like a prisoner. Unable to forget, like a fool.” – Koo Ryeon
  • “Those who stomp on others don’t remember. Only those who get stomped on remember.” – Koo Ryeon

“It might have been just a moment for you, but for me, it’s been a lifetime. The trauma.” – Noh Eunbi

  • “Why should you suffer when you’re the victim?” – Choi Junwoong
  • “No one ever helps because they’re scared it’ll affect them. It’s the same then and now. Nothing has changed. It’s like a tunnel with no end.” – Noh Eunbi

“With time, you should’ve forgotten about it. If you couldn’t, you should’ve overcome it. You think everything will be over if you die?” – Koo Ryeon

“At least it’ll hurt less than it does now.” – Noh Eunbi

  • “How can you say that to me when you don’t know anything? I tried so hard to escape and live my life. For me, even smiling was traumatic. Do you know how hard I tried to smile again? Do you know what I went through to endure things for this long?” – Noh Eunbi
  • “He’s not doing anything. It’s as if time has stopped for him.” – Mr. Lim Ryunggu

“It feels like everyone’s moving ahead and I’m the only one who’s lost my way. Like I’m the only loser. Like I’m the only one standing still.” – Choi Junwoong

  • “It is the victims who are suffering silently even today.” – Media Reporter
  • “You might not know this but if there’s anything more painful than the punishment you receive after death, it’s the punishment you get when you’re alive. Because you have to feel ten times the pain your victims and their loved ones suffered until you die.” – Mr. Lim

On mental health awareness

  • “Our country was too weak to protect them. Our women suffered this indignity because our men failed to protect our nation.” – Mr. Park
  • “Shouldering someone else’s pain is not an easy thing to do. Especially .ore so if you’re close to them.” – Director

“I think I understand now. That you should consider their situations as if they were your own.” – Mr. Lim

“What saves people is not your powers but the weight of your words.” – Director

“Our job is to offer them comfort, sympathy, and support rather than a solution. Those things can be difficult to come by in this harsh world.” – Koo Ryeon

  • “Sexual assault is the only crime where people say that the victim is in the wrong, too. But why do assailants think it’s okay to do such a thing? Because she was wearing revealing clothes? Because it was night? Because it was somewhere deserted? Because he’d been drinking? If that’s the case, every one of you here will become the target of these crimes and they will be justified. There is no reason that could justify a crime.” – Koo Ryeon
  • “A momentary mistake? I wonder if you could say that if your own child had been the victim.” – Koo Ryeon

“I can’t understand why they choose death so easily, when it only takes a few words to give them the will to live again.” – Mr. Park

“Think of how they must be feeling to choose death because no one ever said those few words to them.” – Director

  • “I can guarantee you that there isn’t anyone anywhere who chooses death easily.” – Director
  • “I think this job is difficult and a lot to bear.” – Choi Junwoong
  • “It’s not an easy job to change the minds of those who are so close to the edge that they’re thinking of dying.” – Director

“Suicide is a form of murder. It’s a brutal murder of themselves.” – Mr. Park

“Their lives could have been in that much pain. They might not have had any other choice.” – Koo Ryeon

  • “In Korea, an average of 40 people kill themselves every day. That’s 15,000 people each year. What an embarassing thing to be number one in the world for.” – Director
  • “These people have been pushed by the world to the edge of the cliff. Do not make light of their choices.” – Koo Ryeon

“How is taking your own life any different from murder? It is the most selfish act, with no consideration of the pain of those left behind.” – Mr. Park

“It is the final cry for help from those who wish to live more than anyone else.” – Koo Ryeon

  • “They just want to smile and live normal lives. It’s not that they want to die. It’s that they just didn’t want to live like that. So don’t talk about them like that when you don’t know anything about them.” – Choi Junwoong
  • “Some people are the opposite. Their past becomes more painful as time goes by and becomes wounds, and when they can’t bear it anymore, they make that drastic decision.” – Koo Ryeon
  • “We save those who are about to give up on their lives. That’s our job at the Risk Management Team.” – Koo Ryeon

On words of healing and comfort

“It made me realize that the last person I have to save is me. That in the end, we are the only ones who can save ourselves.” – Koo Ryeon

“Everyday, countless people watch the sunset and marvel at the sight. Shine the best you can, and when the time comes, your sunset will be beautiful. All those people will remember your moment and be with you until the very end.” – Koo Ryeon

  • “You don’t deserve this pain or these lies.” – Koo Ryeon
  • “I won’t standby and let people cast stones at you anymore. I’ll show the world what the truth is and what the lies are.” – Koo Ryeon
  • “You did a great job.” – Koo Ryeon

“Hope? There are very few people who live something like that. Appreciating the little things in life if they make us happy, is what we humans do.” – Choi Junwoong

“Blaming yourself, being hard on yourself, and tormenting yourself are off-limits. There’s not even enough time to hear all the praise people have for you.” – Choi Junwoong

“Thank you for staying alive.” – Mr. Park

“You don’t have to carry that burden alone. That burden you’ve carried, we’ll live on and carry it instead.” – Choi Junwoong

  • “The little gesture comforted me more than I could have thought.” – Lee Jeong Mun
  • “It must have been so hard, to keep the fight going.” – Yuni

“Forget all that pain from the past and live a happy life.” – Mr. Lim

  • “You’ve grown to become an even greater person than I imagined.” – Lim Yu-hwa
  • “Even if I go back to that moment in time, I’d still have given birth to you and lived as your mother.” – Lim Yu-hwa

“Thank you for surviving and for holding on.” – Cha Yunja

“Thank you for loving me with all my flaws and always being there for me.” – Kim Hong

  • “Ever since you came to me, I was happy every moment. You’re the only one that’s given me endless love. You always console me. And you always stay the same.” – Kim Hong
  • “Endure it well. You have a lot riding on it.” – Director

“You didn’t just hold on long enough. You held on remarkably well.” – Koo Ryeon

  • “You are a victim who has survived that painful time without breaking.” – Koo Ryeon
  • “The world is still on the side of the victim. As I am.” – Koo Ryeon

“Can someone with a scar as ugly as this really live a proper life?” – Cha Yun Hui

“It’s not ugly. It’s proof of how desperately you wanted to live. In order to live. Because you wanted to live. So, live.” – Koo Ryeon

“From now on, don’t avoid the world anymore. Don’t run away and don’t hide.” – Cha Yunja

“As long as you’re alive, you have a chance to fix it.” – Choi Junwoong

  • “Those people who only judge appearances will always find ways to criticize you, no matter how perfect you are. Don’t let them tell you what to do. Is your life theirs or yours?” – Junwoong’s mom
  • “No matter what people say, you should always be on your side” – Junwoong’s mom
  • “You’re beautiful. I’ve raised you into this beautiful person.” – Junwoong’s mom

“You’re doing great already.” – Koo Ryeon

  • “Don’t try so hard to maintain a body you don’t even want. Your body is yours, not someone else’s. You should love and care for it yourself.” – Choi Junwoong
  • “The choice you made in your youth was honorable. You have lost so much. Yet you have protected many lives and brought about the world of today.” – Director

“Failure means you should try again. You just have to keep trying hard. Then it’ll work out one day. It will.” – Jaesoo’s father

  • “It wouldn’t exist had it not been for your choice. If it hadn’t been for you, the today that people are living right now would not exist. The life you have lived is by no means meaningless or worthless.” – Koo Ryeon
  • “Take in this sight. It’s the country you protected.” – Koo Ryeon
  • “Your soul will be blessed beyond what your life has been worth. You’ve had a difficult life. Thank you for your hard work.” – Director

“As you live, there will come a moment when you realize it was all for today. So live.” – Koo Ryeon

  • “Aren’t the bullies who made you suffer for no reason the ones in the wrong? So get up. This isn’t your end.” – Koo Ryeon
  • “Try to get over it. If you can’t, try harder.” – Koo Ryeon

“Failure means you should try again.” – Jaesoo

  • “Right now, you feel like you’re falling behind others. Even so, you should live.” Koo Ryeon
  • “Don’t ever let anyone treat you horribly.” – Koo Ryeon
  • “I believe you must love and care for those who are around you during your short stay in the land of the living as someone who has a tomorrow to live.” – Koo Ryeon

“It looks like a passing shower. It’s going to pass by soon, so don’t stand in the rain all by yourself.” – Kang Woojin

“Thank you for hanging in there and for not giving up.” – Choi Junwoong

Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy
Synopsis: The series depicts the grim reapers who guided the dead to save the people who want to die.
Based on: a webtoon, Tomorrow by Llama
No. of episodes: 16
Starring: Kim Hee-sun, Rowoon, Lee Soo-hyuk, Yoon Ji-on
Written by: Park Ran-i, Park Ja-kyung, Kim Yu-jin
Directed by: Kim Tae-yoon, Sung Chi-wook
Original network: MBC, Netflix
Date: April 1 to May 21, 2022

Netflix subtitle translation by: Jung-in Park

Cover photo: MBC Drama