40+ Realistic Lines From Korean Dramas 2022

Here’s a collection of realistic lines about life, break-ups, humanity, pain, and career from Korean dramas in 2022:

“Whether it’s in real life or on television, why is it so hard to get married these days?” – A Business Proposal

“People don’t care about breakups. They’re just curious about the reason.” – Forecasting Love And Weather

“Everyone has a sad story.” – Thirty Nine

“If you look at people’s social media, no one is miserable.” – Kill Heel

“People tend to develop excessive self-attachment as a defence mechanism against pain and despair.” – Through The Darkness

“I’m not unhappy but I’m not happy either.” – My Liberation Notes

“The thing that makes you happy can suddenly make you miserable.” – Our Blues

“Do you know how hellish it is to be alive and breathing? What it feels like to lose everything?” – Tomorrow

“They are much more enthusiastic when it comes to bad news.” – Twenty Five Twenty One

“They say it takes an entire village to raise a child. In other words, a child’s life could be ruined if the entire village neglects the child.” – Juvenile Justice

“I realized that you learn more when you get things wrong rather than when you get them right.” – Forecasting Love And Weather

“Time passes by slowly when you’re lying on a hospital bed. It makes you think of things.” – Thirty Nine

“Even a lie becomes the truth if consistent, and one inconsistency turns the truth into a lie.” – Military Prosecutor Doberman

“Nothing in life is free. Once your salary goes up, you have to work even harder.” – Kill Heel

“Do you think we live with pointless anxiety?” – Through The Darkness

“Compassion is forbidden when it comes to eviction. Your goodwill can come back to bite you. It’s good to help but if it fails, the person who received your help will start clawing at you.” – Again My Life

“In the real world, you make an apology for the sake of everyone’s peace. It’s nothing personal. Society doesn’t care at all about an individual finding peace.” – Twenty Five Twenty One

“I feel like I’m trapped in a never-ending forest of time.” – Tomorrow

“I don’t know where I’m stuck but I want to break free.” – My Liberation Notes

“Why bother looking for tomorrow’s answers when you can’t even live in the present?” – Forecasting Love And Weather

“Everyone is a perpetrator.” – Juvenile Justice

“In life, there sometimes come a time when you desperately call to the deities.” – Ghost Doctor

“You need eyes on your back too if you want to survive.” – Military Prosecutor Doberman

“Was it my inferiority complex or did I feel I wasn’t good enough?” – Green Mothers’ Club

“Everyone is busy with their own lives. People aren’t interested in other people’s lives.” – Through The Darkness

“The world doesn’t care about who’s right or wrong. It’s all about who’s more brazen.” – Forecasting Love And Weather

“Nothing lasts forever. Everything is momentary. They all flow away. And that’s not always a bad thing.” – Twenty Five Twenty One

“That’s how it is. No one stays on top or in the bottom forever.” – Kill Heel

“It might have been just a moment for you, but for me, it’s been a lifetime. The trauma.” – Tomorrow

“I want liberation. I want to be liberated. I don’t know where I’m trapped but I feel trapped. There’s nothing in my life that relaxes me. I feel cramped and stifled. I want to break free.” – My Liberation Notes

“There are those who stand out because they do one thing well, and those who do everything well but get kicked out because of one bad day. People are so fickle.” – Military Prosecutor Doberman

“The start of most misconduct is the family.” –  Juvenile Justice

“At times, I’m confused whether this inexplicable feeling is sadness about letting go of the passing season or excitement for the new season.” – Forecasting Love And Weather

“Young people these days only focus on hitting it big, not surviving.” – Kill Heel

“What have I been doing with my life? I don’t even own a single building.” – Our Blues

“I can’t even remember the last time I thought about my day-to-day life.” – Through The Darkness

“It feels like everyone’s moving ahead and I’m the only one who’s lost my way. Like I’m the only loser. Like I’m the only one standing still.” – Tomorrow

“Studying is the easiest and most doable thing in the world. It’s just that the world and people in it are difficult.” – Again My Life

“Power struggles are common at meetings.” – Kill Heel

“Life is not a fairy-tale. No one lives a happily ever after.” – Juvenile Justice

“Our vision is so easily blocked, narrowed, and distorted by external factors.” – Forecasting Love And Weather

“If the world is responsible for creating monsters, it should share the responsibility, too.” – Through The Darkness

“No one ever helps because they’re scared it’ll affect them. It’s the same then and now. Nothing has changed. It’s like a tunnel with no end.” – Tomorrow

“Every relationship feels like work. Every moment that I’m awake feels like work. Nothing ever happens. No one ever likes me.” – My Liberation Notes

“When people keep running without a break, they always trip over and explode.” – Through The Darkness

“Nowadays, people are so quick to criticize if anything seems wrong. So we need to be careful.” – A Business Proposal

“Do you know what I went through to endure things for this long?” – Tomorrow

“We have different personalities, different principles, and different wounds.” – Forecasting Love And Weather

Photos: HancinematvN Drama