7 Things To Know About Kim Seonho On Instagram

Not all famous personalities share everything about their personal life on Instagram. Like actor Kim Seonho, he seldom updates his feed but when he does, that post is something meaningful to him and his fans.

Here are seven (7) things to know about Kim Seonho through his Instagram posts:

1. He spontaneously makes V-sign pose in photos.

2. He is a dedicated actor who looks extra happy when filming and enjoys behind-the-scene moments with co-stars.

3. He is a people-person who loves to hang out with friends.

4. He gets excited with food trucks and banners from people who love and support him.

5. He has always been adorable, charming, and handsome.

6. He can be funny

7. …and sometimes, pensive.

Kim Seonho is most anticipated to appear on the big screen through the action noir film, Sad Tropics (2022). He will play a nobleman, a dark and mysterious character whose life gets entangled with an aspiring Filipino-Korean boxer. The movie is directed by Park Hoon-jung and expected to be released in the second half of the year.