Top 10 Korean Actors That Radiate Dimple Charms And Spark

Actors with dimples possess this one-of-a-kind spark that naturally radiates on the screen. Whether they smile, laugh, act in a drama or pose for a magazine pictorial, they exude a glowing appearance that is insanely charming, attractive, and irresistible.

These 10 Korean actors give that heart-fluttering mood, stealing people’s hearts when they smile with their dimples:

10. Choi Woo-shik

Say hello to Choi Woo-shik’s cute dimple on his right cheek.

9. Kim Bum

Kim Bum has the energy to light up your day with his bright smile and dimples.

8. Lee Seung-gi

Those cute indentations on Lee Seung-gi’s cheeks that appear when he smiles brightly are simply charming.

7. Han Jimin

It’s impossible not to be drawn to Han Jimin’s “dimpled” smile that is one of the loveliest visual you’ll ever see in Korean drama industry. She is simply attractive.

6. Kim Min-gue

Make way for the newest heartthrob, Kim Min-gue, who is stealing people’s hearts with his good looks, height, and sexy dimples.

5. Honey Lee

Honey Lee’s great smile is attention-grabbing and a picture-perfect overall. Look at those dimples.

4. Lee Minho

Lee Minho has this unique “dimpled” smile that takes one’s breath away. He is simply captivating.

3. Hyun Bin

“OMG”. It’s the natural expression or reaction from women when they see Hyun Bin smile with his dimples. He is totally handsome and appealing.

2. Shin Mina

Shin Mina is such a darling with those gorgeous smile and dimples. Isn’t she lovely?

1. Kim Seonho

No doubt about it but Kim Seonho has the most ravishing smile and charming dimples of all. This man is totally irresistible. Wink.