These 17 Famous Korean Actors Enjoy Nature Walks For Well-being

Forest bathing or spending time in nature is proven to be a healing activity, according to several studies. In fact, many people across the world take nature walks to release toxins from the hustle and bustle of city life. Whether it is hiking a mountain, walking in the woods, or following a nature trail filled with flowers or trees, this exercise helps improve a person’s well-being.

It is good to see famous celebrities taking time to breathe life anew by immersing themselves in nature. Not only do they inspire others to do the same, it also means they are taking care of their health physically, mentally, and emotionally away from the spotlight.

Here are 17 famous Korean actors who enjoy nature walks for their well-being:

In no particular order.

1. Gong Yoo

Sometimes, it’s good to immerse yourself in the abundance of nature just like Gong Yoo is heading towards the deep forest.

2. Son Ye-jin

Walking in the woods when the sun goes down emit a beautiful golden glow around you. Son Ye-jin enjoyed that moment.

3. Ji Chang-wook

Nothing beats the peaceful view on top of a mountain for adventurous Ji Chang-wook.

4. Gong Hyo-jin

To walk along a beautiful lake is a good breather for Gong Hyo-jin.

5. Kim Seonho

Kim Seonho inspires us to take long walks and breathe the freshness of nature for our well-being.

6. Kim Soo-hyun

It’s a good time to go mountain trekking for Kim Soo-hyun.

7. Kim Tae-ri

Kim Tae-ri enjoyed taking detail shots of her nature walk.

8. Lee Je-hoon

Dressed comfortably in casual shirt, jeans, cap, and slippers, Lee Je-hoon enjoyed his free time walking in the woods.

9. Han Ji-min

Han Ji-min reminds us to slow down and appreciate the beauty of surroundings during a nature trip.

10. Kim Jung-hyun

Nothing beats a walk, jog, or run with a trail surrounded by greeneries and a view of mountain peaks for Kim Jung-hyun.

11. Lee Minho

It’s truly tiresome to go on a long trek but definitely rewarding for the superstar, Lee Minho.

12. Jung Hae-in

Whether it’s a peak, valley, lake, or ocean, and in whatever season, Jung Hae-in has always been a nature lover.

13. Son Sukku

Whether he is Mr. Gu or Son Sukku, he surely loves the countryside and quietude of nature especially on top of the mountain.

14. Lee Jong-suk

Mountain hiking is more fun with a friend or friends for Lee Jong-suk.

15. Kim Se-jeong

Kim Se-jeong is ready to take the nature trail with her complete trekking attire.

16. Han Hyo-joo

You will surely fall in love with mountain hiking once you experience it just like Han Hyo-joo did.

17. Kim Woo-bin

It was no secret that Kim Woo-bin was diagnosed with cancer. He took a leave from showbiz work, focused on treatment, as well as spent time in nature. Now, he is healed and enjoying his comeback drama, Our Blues (2022).

About the author: 

Myra Bansale studied photography and human behavior. She writes articles for KORB such as insights on mental health from Korean TV series and has contributed a research article on cancel culture. She also loves to travel, hike, and take photographs.