60+ Quotes: The Sound Of Magic (2022)

Here’s a collection of quotes from the Korean series, The Sound Of Magic (2022):

On life and pain

“This money is not dirty. What’s dirty is me.” – Yoon Ah-yi

“With math, if you work on it, you’ll get the answer eventually. So many problems in this world have no answer, no matter how hard you try.” – Yoon Ah-yi

“It’s a temporary problem. I don’t believe there are problems where you can never find the answer.” – Na Il-deung

“I just want this time, where I have no control over anything, to go by quickly.” – Yoon Ah-yi

“What you need now is someone to listen to your story.” – Magician

“You think and think and think only inside your own mind, and never let it out. No wonder your heart gets heavier and heavier.” – Magician

“You should do whatever it is you want to do just as much as the things you don’t want to do.” – Magician

“Isn’t it too cold? The path you’re on?” – Magician

  • “I thought that getting out of poverty was the most important step to overcome the misery in my life. But I was wrong.” – Yoon Ah-yi
  • “Now I see that this entire time it wasn’t money that was pushing me over the edge, but the grown-ups.” – Yoon Ah-yi
  • “I want to be a grown-up, so immature adults no longer have any control over my life.” – Yoon Ah-yi
  • “It turns out even honesty is a luxury I can’t afford.” – Yoon Ah-yi
  • “What’s the point of such brief joy when you’re starving?” – Yoon Ah-yi

“What’s the point of getting your hopes up that it’ll work out, only to be “disappointed shortly after?” – Yoon Ah-yi

“At least you get to smile, even only for a moment.” – Magician

  • “Those dreams you’re talking about, is it so wrong to just not have one? Do I have to live my life just to make something of myself?” – Na Il-deung
  • “Whenever things were hard, I would say to myself over and over again, ‘Let’s not wait for them. Let’s not expect anything from them. The only person in the world that you can rely on is yourself.'” – Yoon Ah-yi

“I had so many things I wanted to ask, but why does it feel like I’ve already heard the answers?” – Yoon Ah-yi

  • “But what if I find something that doesn’t pay well and people don’t respect me for, but it’s meaningful to me?” – Na Il-deung
  • “So what if you don’t have accomplishments? You can still be happy without the approval of others.” – Na Il-deung

“This road is so fast that I can’t see my surroundings clearly. I can’t just keep driving forward without knowing where the end is.” – Na Il-deung

  • “What kind of adult did I dream of becoming? What makes a good adult? Is success moving forward according to a well-made plan without ever failing?” – Na Il-deung
  • “If I succeed, will I be happy?” – Na Il-deung
  • “I just want to run through this huge field of flowers.” – Na Il-deung
  • “What do I have to do to reach that place?” – Na Il-deung
  • “That you are living your life, running away, because you’d failed to adapt to reality.” – Yoon Ah-yi

“Since when did this world become a place where even dreams have to meet a standard?” – Yoon Ah-yi

  • “I just need to be me.” – Yoon Ah-yi
  • “So why do we try so hard not to fall too far from the norms of the average person?” – Yoon Ah-yi
  • “How should we live life? A lot of adults give a lot of answers. How would an immature child answer that question? Would that answer be wrong?” – Yoon Ah-yi

“I want to try taking that hard way. I didn’t know before that flowers don’t bloom on smooth asphalt but on bumpy dirt.” – Na Il-deung

“The world has changed a lot but the amusement park and the performance stage are still here, frozen in time.” – Yoon Ah-yi

On humanity and relationships

“I’m the one who wants to find him the most. Not you.” – Yoon Ah-yi

  • “It’s not that I don’t like you. But I’m not in the best place to date anyone at the moment.” – Yoon Ah-yi
  • “I never knew the word ‘adult’ is so wonderful.” – Yoon Ah-yi

“Sometimes, there are goodbyes that are harder to accept than death. It was less painful for me to believe she was dead than to admit that she abandoned me.” – Yoon Ah-yi

  • “I know it doesn’t make any sense, but I keep regretting. Did I ever text you that I loved you?” – Yoon Ah-yi
  • “How come you don’t look at me like that?” – Na Il-deung

“I don’t think my teacher knows that having a dad doesn’t necessarily mean someone’s taking care of me ” – Yoon Ah-yi

“I know your type very well. You pretend to care about people while exposing weaknesses, and pretend to comfort them while looking down on them.” – Yoon Ah-yi

“If I’m happy, you suffer. And if you’re happy, I suffer.” – Na Il-deung

“No one in the world is crazy. They make you into a crazy person little by little, if you don’f fit society’s standards.” – Na Il-deung

  • “I just need someone who can tell me that no matter what others say, it’s not important, and someone who believes me. That’s all I need.” – Magician
  • “You have me. You believe him, and so do I. Isn’t that enough?” – Na Il-deung

“At some point, the world became a place people like you can’t live in. Because if you don’t meet the set standards, you are treated like a failure.” – Yoon Ah-yi

On magic

“Do you believe in magic?” – Magician

“Annara sumanara.” – Magician

  • “You came back here because I enchanted you with my magic.” – Magician
  • “That’s cool. Your bubble-patterned tights.” – Magician

“Do you think there are real magicians?” – Yoon Ah-yi

“What are you, a child?” – Na Il-deung

“The magic show is over. The performance that made my heart pound for a moment has come to an end.” – Yoon Ah-yi

“When you step into an amusement park, you forget about all of your worries, right? That’s why I like it here.” – Magician

“There’s nothing like a merry-go-round to stop a kid from crying.” – Magician

“What I taught you just now are stage tricks, but the fact that you’re smiling right now is real magic.” – Magician

“What do you get from doing magic?” – Na Il-deung’s mom

“What exactly do I have to get?” – Na Il-deung

  • “I’ve become a total mess after meeting the magician.” – Na Il-deung
  • “It’s true that I’m a mess because of the magician but I don’t want to go back to the way things were.” – Na Il-deung
  • “You’re a real magician because you made me believe in magic.” – Yoon Ah-yi
  • “His magic wasn’t able to make all of my misfortune go away, but I know the power of magic that he showed me.” – Yoon Ah-yi

“Magic doesn’t create miracles but allows you to discover them.” – Yoon Ah-yi

Genre: Musical, Drama
Synopsis: It is an emotional musical series that tells the story of Yoon Ah-yi, a girl who wants to grow up too fast, and Lee Eul, a mysterious magician who is a grown-up but wants to remain as a child.
Based on: a webtoon Annarasumanara by Ha Ilkwon
No of episodes: 6
Starring: Ji Chang-wook, Choi Sung-eun, and Hwang In-youp
Written by: Kim Min Jeong
Directed by: Kim Seong-yoon
Network: Netflix
Date: May 6, 2022

Netflix subtitle translation by: SC