Fresh Beginnings: Kim Seonho Returns To Instagram With A Heartfelt Post

The beloved Korean actor, Kim Seonho, is slowly returning to public engagement.

A few minutes before May 8th, his birthday, Kim Seonho returned to Instagram with a short but meaningful message. The first line expressed a heartfelt apology for the hard times, followed by appreciation to fans for celebrating his birthday, acknowledging people’s support, and giving word on becoming an actor who will return the support.

The warm message included a photograph of a peaceful blue sky with a pretty half moon and graceful pinkish clouds in it. The captured image looks like a meaningful time of reflection about life, gratitude, and looking forward to humble yet fresh beginnings.

Fans were surprised with Kim Seonho’s Instagram post after seven months of social media hiatus. Most of the comments written were: “Welcome back”, “OMG he’s back!”, “I”m crying”, “Thank you for coming back after taking some time to heal”, “We will always support you”, “You will always be our reason.” Many greeted him a happy birthday as well as affirmed him that he is loved.

This man is truly loved. The support of his fans worldwide have been unwavering and endless ever since. And him slowly returning to the spotlight, doing well and smiling again, is the best feeling for his fans.

Meanwhile, Kim Seonho is much anticipated to appear on the big screen through Sad Tropics (2022), an action noir film by Director Park Hoon-jung. He will play a mysterious nobleman whose life gets entangled with an aspiring Filipino-Korean boxer. Filming has finished and the movie is expected to be released in the second half of the year.

Welcome back and happy birthday, Kim Seonho!