Theater Idol Kim Seonho To Return On Stage In “Touching The Void”

Theater “idol” Kim Seonho who conquered the local stage with his awe-inspiring performances is making a theater comeback with a play that is based on a true story, Touching The Void.

His agency, SALT Entertainment, announced on May 13th that Kim Seonho will appear in the said theatrical play that will be held at Daehak-ro Art One Theater from July 8 to September 18, 2022.

He was cast to play the role of Joe Simpson, one of the two hikers who climbed the 20,853-foot Siula Grande and experienced a near-death situation upon descent a rough, snowy weather in 1985.

According to the book, Touching The Void: The True Story Of One Man’s Survival, Joe Simpson fell down a 20-foot ice cliff, broke his right leg, had badly frostbitten hands, and suffered from hypothermia. He also miraculously survived another 150-foot fall into a deep crevasse, spent three days alone without food, endured the bitter wind, starvation, and loneliness while crawling and hopping back to the base camp with a broken leg.

The book was written by mountaineer Joe Simpson himself and gained recognition for his remarkable self-survival amid a perilous event. His book was turned into a documentary film by Kevin MacDonald in 2003 and adapted for theater by David Greig in 2018.

The Korean stage version will be directed by Kim Dong-yeon. According to The Best Plays Korea, Kim Seonho has been cast to act as Joe Simpson alongside stage actors Shin Sung-min and Lee Hwi-jong. While the co-mountaineer, Simon Yates, will be played by Oh Jung-taek and Jung Hwan.

Stage acting has always been Kim Seonho’s first love. He has performed in 17 stage plays from 2009 to 2021. Before he rose to TV stardom, he sold out theater seats and fans would line up, filling the street just to see his stage performances.

Now that he is back on stage, fans are excited to see the “Theater Idol” perform again. He will definitely dominate the stage again as he portray the tormenting story of Joe Simpson and convey how it feels to overcome and survive life’s moments of harrowing darkness.

Congratulations and all the best to you, Kim Seonho!

Cover photo: SALT