17 Korean Male Actors Who Rocked Jewelry In Magazine Photoshoot

Check out these famous Korean actors who rocked jewelry in magazine photoshoot:

In no particular order.

1. Lee Minho for Esquire Korea

Top star Lee Minho defines men’s style anew with his green hoodie paired with golden necklaces, looking extra elegant.

2. Kim Seonho for Noblesse Men

It’s rare to see Kim Seonho wear men’s accessories. Here, he looks totally different, a moment that displays his sexy side.

3. Lee Joon-gi for Arena Homme Plus

No actor quite wears a necklace like Lee Joon-gi with his perfect jawline, long neck, and hip vibes.

4. Song Kang for GQ Korea

Who said that men can’t wear jewelries and black nails? It perfectly fit the handsome Song Kang.

5. Ahn Bo-hyun for W Korea

Ahn Bo-hyun with a necklace on his exposed sexy chest is too much to handle.

6. Woo Do-hwan for Vogue Korea

Woo Do-hwan wearing men’s accessories made it more appealing.

7. Cha Eun-woo for W Korea

It’s a fact that Cha Eun-woo knows how to serve a look. And with those accessories, he is making girls swoon more.

8. Lee Jung-jae for GQ Korea

The Squid Game star, Lee Jung-jae, is looking chic with his jewelry pieces.

9. Kim Young-gwan for W Korea

Kim Young-gwan looks so fine with his white top paired with a single necklace.

10. Jung Hae-in for GQ Korea

Jung Hae-in looks extra dashing in this photo, expressing more of his chic side with accessories.

11. Wi Ha-joon for Dazed Korea

Wi Ha-joon’s approach to wearing men’s accessories knows no bounds. And he definitely rocked it.

12. Jinyoung for Noblesse Men

Jinyoung radiates manly charms with those accessories.

13. Teo Yoo for Arena Korea

Teo Yoo can definitely rock some pieces of jewelry.

14. Yeo Jin-goo for MAPS

Yeo Jin-goo is simply charming with those rings on.

15. Ryu Jun-yeol for GQ Korea

Ryu Jun-yeol definitely owned this street-style and hip look with jewelries.

16. Jang Ki-yong for Esquire Korea

Simply attention-grabbing. Jang Ki-yong can definitely pull a jewelry look.

17. Kwak Dong-yeon for Esquire Korea

Even with a single ring, Kwak Dong-yeon rocks.