100+ Quotes: Eve (2022)

Updated: July 22, 2022

Here’s a collection of quotes from Eve (2022) Korean drama:

On power and revenge

“She may still be alive but she gave up on herself. I guess I can’t say she is truly alive.” – Mr. Seo

“Whatever you do, you can never beat me. Because you were never loved.” – Lee La El

“Extreme fury seems to blur away the piercing pain on your own flesh.” – Lee La El

“How is it compensation if the assailant does as they wish? A true apology is when they do what the victim wants.” – Lee La El

“Are you sure it’s only revenge you want from Chairman Kang?” – Ms. Jang

  • “My heart is thirsty for revenge. And I’m following what my heart wants.” – Lee La El
  • “The power started to shift. You still can’t feel it?” – Lee La El

“I will break into your life and dig in painfully deep. You will block me and I will break through.” – Lee La El

  • “Those who made me fall rock bottom, I will end their lives.” – Lee La El
  • “Even if the worst-case scenario happens to me, I won’t regret anything.” – Lee La El
  • “But doesn’t being a psycho mean you never know what they’ll do?” – Lee La El
  • “My revenge is going to be more brutal and wicked than what they did to me. I’ll give them a taste of their own medicine.” – Lee La El

“My rage may seem weak. But it gives me the strength to do anything deep down in my heart.” – Lee La El

  • “The price of death is another death.” – Lee La El
  • “I’ll make her kill herself. Mercilessly at that. I’ll make her beg for her death.” – Lee La El

“It took 20 years to come this far. But it’s taking only five days to destroy her.” – Lee La El

  • “Not having a plan is my plan. I’ll just stay by your side like your shadow. Just remember that you have me in your corner.’ – Mr. Seo
  • “I will have a chance to change the fate bestowed upon me by the universe.” – Lee La El

“Are you throwing the game?” – Sora

“It’s called engaging. If you don’t bet everything, the game never ends.” – Lee La El

  • “You might have started the fight but I’m the one fighting it.” – Lee La El
  • “This is a world of monsters but I won’t become like them.” – Lee La El

“He chose to live without freedom, and now we’ll make him choose to fall hard as we’ve planned.” – Ms. Jang

“After time passes, the world will forget about me. But one day, when their misery is in the limelight, think of me then. I’ll pay him back. Ten times worse.” Lee La El

  • “If I don’t have power, I can’t help anyone.” – Mr. Seo
  • “The life of the high and lofty like you. It’s too far out of reach, but the key to the shortcut is your heart.” – Lee La El
  • “The moment you take my hand, I will drag you all into the fire that burned me.” – Lee La El
  • “If you want to get what you want, make others assist you.” – Lee La El
  • “A woman who has to be at the top. A woman who wants to be at the top. Your insatiable desire will lead you to the bottom pit.” – Lee La El

“Lee La-el. This is my first time saying your full name. What a beautiful name. What does your name mean?” – Mr. Seo

“One who belongs to the deity. My father named me.” – Lee La El

On life and humanity

“There’s another side to everything. We can only see what we are shown. If you don’t see what’s behind the beauty, you cannot face the truth of life.” – Lee La El

“Some things can be seen even when they’re invisible. Some people stay in your heart even when they’re gone.” – Lee La El

“True love gives us courage to move onto the next stage.” – Lee La El

“I want to feel no fury. I want to live in peace.” – Lee La El

“I want to love the person I love to no end.” – Mr. Kang

“Right, life is a tragedy full of pain. But a beautiful moment comes to help you defeat it. Only humans can do this. That moment of defeat is so noble and splendid that you can’t help but admire life once again. That moment will come to you.” – Mr. Seo

“Why are you still wearing the ring?” – Lee La El

“I haven’t had a chance to take it off.” – Mr. Kang

“When you found out about me, that was your chance.” – Lee La El

“I put it on my finger because I love you. I’ll take it off when I fall out of love. Hatred doesn’t mean I don’t love you anymore.” – Mr. Kang

  • “Greed is a trap. They’ll fall for it.” – Mr. Seo
  • “Ordinary everyday life is what means most to us.” – Mr. Seo
  • “Twin flames can communicate even without saying anything. Especially at moments of life and death, they transcend time and space to find each other. That can’t be us.” – Lee La El

“There’s a moment when fear envelopes you. It’s as if you’re trapped underwater and struggling to breathe. You’re confused and think you’ll suffocate. If you don’t break through fast, you crumble.” – Lee La El

  • “Fear isn’t the worst when you’re faced with it. True fear is knowing you’re about to be overcome.” – Sora
  • “Once embedded, doubt never goes away. I just put in a drop of doubt. That one drop will start to cloud the clear waters. Eventually, it will turn everything dark.” – Sora

“Tell me about your love. My love is about sacrifice.” – Mr. Seo

“I had a million reasons I shouldn’t love Sun-bin. But I overcame them all. If there’s anything she needs, I can just give it to her.” – Mr. Kang

“It’s painful.” – Mr. Kang

“What is painful?” – Lee La El

“Watching my love for you turn into a laughing stock. Attacking you in order to survive. It’s too painful and dreadful.” – Mr. Kang

“I had just one wish. Even if our love wasn’t meant to be, I hoped she’d remember me fondly.” – Mr. Kang

“We wanted to love but we were unable to just love. That was our tragedy.” – Lee La El

“What if I feel complicated? I could feel torn or have mixed feelings. What should I follow then?” – Lee La El

“In that case, you should follow the truth in your heart.” – Lael’s father

  • “Just like how you healed me, now I want to try to heal you.” – Mr. Kang
  • “Businessmen tend to be overly certain about what they can see. While politicians try to read what can’t be seen.” – Mr. Seo
  • “Until autumn comes, I’ll travel to the other side of the globe if I must to get them.” – Mr. Kang

“Love isn’t about ownership.” – Mr. Seo

  • “I know you’ve been hurt. The pain is so deep that you have to make another wound to cover it.” – Mr. Kang
  • “Before autumn comes, I’ll find cosmos plants for you. Then one day, you will make them blossom.” – Mr. Kang
  • “As long as I’m with you, I can leave behind everything here.” – Mr. Kang

“They say life is filled with pain.” – Mr. Seo

“Yours wasn’t before you met me.” – Lee La El

“I much prefer my life now that I know you.” – Mr. Seo

“I’ll wait until your heart regains warmth. In any case, I will be there for you until the end.” – Mr. Seo

“Love makes people weak.” – Ms. Jang

  • “There may be no one but you at least have me. I care about you more than myself.” – Mr. Seo
  • “The world may collapse and everyone may leave your side. But I will be there for you.” – Mr. Seo
  • “You don’t have to answer me. I just want you to know. And feel burdened. Know that there’s someone who loves you this much and feel burdened to survive somehow.” – Mr. Seo
  • “You wanted me to feel burdened to survive. Like everyone else, I have blood running within me. I also have a beating heart. But unfortunately, I don’t have a place for anything in here.” – Lee La El

“The only childhood memory I have is of unjustifiable whippings and fear that I had to somehow survive.” – Mr. Kang

“One can try hard but there are things one cannot hide. Poverty, sneezes, and love.” – Ms. Jang

“Why do you think I’m lonely?” – Mr. Kang

“You never had anyone you could trust. Ever since you were young.” – Lee La El

  • “I won’t ask you uncomfortable questions. I only ask you to stay by my side.” – Mr. Kang
  • “I realized that blood didn”t make families. Loving each other and bonding make families.” – Mr. Seo
  • “Your answer is no. But your eyes tell me that you are.” – Sora

“Scars do not disappear. But perhaps, broken hearts can heal.” – Lee La El

  • “She is worth going crazy for.” – Mr. Kang
  • “People are the same. When they reach the boiling point, their reason evaporates. And they do something they shouldn’t do.” – Lee La El

“Love cannot be hidden. It is madly impulsive, clouds your mind, and with great force of destruction, it numbs reason.” – Lee La El

  • “The ecstasy of love also numbs you enough to not fear the pain of death. Which is why it is highly dangerous.” – Lee La El
  • “Someone smart like you shouldn’t beg for work.” – Lee La El
  • “Even the most dazzling jewel is nothing compared to you.” – Mr. Kang

“I’ve realized for the first time that true happiness is within what’s ordinary.” – Mr. Kang

“Why are you being so nice to me?” – Lee La El

“When I first met you, I had my faith in integrity. Although I’ve changed now, I want to protect you.” – Mr. Seo

“I have no integrity to protect. I’ve been tainted.” – Lee La El

“No. Nothing could possibly taint you. It’s just the situation that drove you here. You are still the same.” – Mr. Seo

“This isn’t the path I want to take. But my heart pounds so much for you. How can I possibly resist this?” – Mr. Seo

“Those who love the tango fall into two categories. Those who like the dance and people who need the dance.” – Lee La El

“Who do you think needs the dance?” – Mr. Kang

“I’d say they’re people who need to heal.” – Lee La El

  • “Have you heard the term ‘twin flame’? Like twins that emerged from one soul, the lovers recognize each other the second they met. I wondered if this is how it feels to meet my own twin flame.” – Lee La El
  • “I hear one of the twin flames is a runner. And the other one is a chaser. I don’t know if we’re each other’s twin flames. But it seems clear to me that you’re the runner between us.” – Lee La El

“You don’t like to be analysed, but you like to be the analyst?” – Lee La El

  • “You pretend to be a beginner and you have a poker face. You’re a true gambler.” – Guest
  • “How about you quit thinking and just be honest? You want me. Madly. I do, too.” – Lee La El
  • “The pain’s never going to disappear. So why are you making it worse? You need to stop tormenting yourself even more.” – Mr. Seo

“Some wounds need to be treated with bigger pain.” – Lee La El

  • “The day we danced, you spoke of a being that lost itself. Were you not talking about yourself?” – Mr. Kang
  • “If you were once attracted to Piazzolla’s songs and tango, it means you want to wake up from oblivion. The desire to find who you are.” – Lee La El
  • “In tango, two hearts become one as one’s heart meets another.” – Lee La El
  • “The past is much more important than the present in some cases.” -Mr. Seo
  • “Noh-eul was hurt physically but Da-bi hurt her heart.” – Lee La El

Genre: Romance, Drama, Revenge
Synopsis: A story that deals with a divorce suit worth 2 trillion won by a chaebol that overturns Korea.
No of episodes: 16
Starring: Seo Yea-ji, Lee Sang-yeob, Park Byung-eun, and Yoo Sun
Written by: Yoon Young-mi
Directed by: Park Bong-seop
Date: June 1 to July 21, 2022
Network: tvN, Viu

Subtitle translation: Viu