Here Are 20+ Reasons Why Critics And Viewers Liked The Korean Version Of Money Heist

Money Heist: Korea Joint Economic Area (2022) is a remake of the popular Spanish series, La Casa De Papel or Money Heist by Alex Pina.

The 6-episode Korean version was released on June 24th exclusively on Netflix. While it retains the original city names from La Casa De Papel, the Korean remake explores a different plot in their own style based on culture, such as the vibe of North Korea and South Korea. Compared to the original, it is fast-paced, has reduced sex scenes, and presents more details about the past life of each character. It is also interesting to note that some dialogues convey realistic social issues and human behavior.

Meanwhile, here are other 20+ reasons why critics and viewers liked the Korean version of Money Heist:

“Money Heist: Korea proves to be a compelling watch based on its updated geopolitical context.” – Della Cai, Vanity Fair

“A REMARKABLE remake!!!! Being absorbed in ‘remake’ dramas or films isn’t easy at all, because we already know the original storyline, so there would be no reversal or suspense. Also, we have fixed ideas or prejudices based on the original, so tend to judge remakes in a conservative stance. These are the reasons why it is so difficult that remake surpasses the original, let alone such a mega hit in the world as Money Heist. However, Money Heist Korea hit the nail in making balance between the original story and new factors. It is worth enough spending time.” – Stephen Andrews

“Money Heist: Korea brings up all of the same haves and have-nots issues that drove the Spanish original, but adds in everything that has made Korean dramas like Squid Game popular here in the States.” – Joel Keller, Decider

“This is a series that can stand on its own, compelling in its own right —yes, even with similar beats…Money Heist is expertly crafted to push tension and showcase action while also managing to investigate the way people interact with each other.” – Kate Sanchez

“Of course nothing ever beats the original. But I appreciate the Korean cinematography, culture, politics and corruption infused with the story, especially the characters having their own different backstory in their own way. It’s clever. Its objective is definitely not to replace the original but to give tribute to it. However, just expect the excitement to decline a little bit since the very basic story is known. You will expect the expected basically. But Korean culture and their own style of filmmaking has definitely made this different and worthwhile to watch. It’s definitely still worth watching.” – deidreamer

“The production is impressive, the script is punchy, and the characters do well to represent their original counterparts.” – Daniel Hart

“I’ve watched and i am half spanish so when i heard there was gonna be a remake i thought ehhhhh i don’t know if this is the right move by netflix because i thought the Spanish version was always gonna be the best however after watching the remake i think that the korean version of this show is as good as the original spanish version of the show. Certainly worth the watch even if u have already seen the original, there are some key differences in this remake to the original which makes the series a lot more exciting than you’d expect.” – MK7FCB

“Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area is ambitious for its plan, exciting for the twists and turns, inviting for its characters, and is just plain addictive.” – Reginald Ponder

“This one is a shorter version and pace is better. The premise is more interesting and logical as in how the joint economy led to the heist. I also liked the asian vibe to it.” – Antoinette S

“Though I wouldn’t say it will beat it’s original, but the remake is worth the while. It introduces k-dramas complexity and makes it interesting. Though we may know d end points but the twists that the producers took which is different from the masterpiece makes it thrilling.” – Eri-Oluwa Abolarin

Genre: Heist, Crime, Drama
Synopsis: Thieves overtake the mint of a unified Korea, trapping hostages inside; the police must stop the thieves as well as the shadowy mastermind behind the heist.
Based on: the Spanish heist crime drama series “Money Heist” by Alex Pina
No of episodes: 6
Starring: Yoo Ji-tae, Park Hae-soo, Jeon Jong-seo, Lee Won-jong, Park Myung-hoon (Must-know facts about the full cast here)
Written by: Ryu Yong-jae, Kim Hwan-chae, Choe Sung-jun
Directed by: Kim Hong-sun
Network: Netflix
Date: June 24, 2022