The 25 Most Iconic Magazine Portraits Of 2022, Feat. Korean Actors

It’s awe-inspiring to see actors speak volumes of emotions through magazine portraits, and not just pose for the sake of fashion. It means that actors are not just good in portraying their characters on-screen but in conveying a meaningful story through photoshoots as well.

While photographers follow the general rules on lighting and composition, they still have different eye skills and creativity techniques to create a masterpiece. Moreover, the subject being photographed augments the essence and impact of an image depending on personality and mood.

In taking portraiture, the photographer mainly focuses on the subject’s eyes to convey a story, followed by the facial expression and the important elements in photography such as lighting, framing, depth of field, styling props, and set design.

Among this year’s magazine images we have seen across fashion websites, here are 25 of the most unique and iconic portraits featuring Korean actors, captured by amazingly talented photographers:

25. Wi Ha-joon for Dazed Korea (May 2022)

Actor: Wi Ha-joon in Squid Game (2021)
Fashion: Kim Jeongmi
Photography: Kim Yeongjun
Art: Song Yuli
Hair: Park Ha
Makeup: Bo Ryun
Set: Boyyd
Assistant: Park Kiho, Park Heeduk

24. Song Kang for GQ Korea (March 2022)

Actor: Song Kang in Forecasting Love And Weather (2022)
Fashion/Stylist: 임혜림 Lim Hye-rim
Photography: 김희준 Kim Hee-jun
Hair: 다영 at 알루 Dayoung at Alu
Makeup: 은경 at 알루 Eunkyung at Alu
Assistant: 허지은 Heo Ji-eun

23. The Killer’s Shopping List cast for 1st Look Korea (May 2022)

Actors: Lee Kwang-soo, Seolhyun, Jin Hee-kyung in The Killer’s Shopping List (2022)
Fashion/Stylist: Park Tae (Lee Kwang-soo), Kang Yi-seul (Seolhyun), Moon Seung-hee (Jin Hee-kyung)
Photography: Kim Hee-jun
Hair: Kong Tan (Lee Kwang-soo), Ju Seo-young (Seolhyun), Ji Yoo (Jin Hee-kyung)
Makeup: Seol Hee (Lee Kwang-soo), Gang Mi (Seolhyun), Jo Hye-lim (Jin Hee-kyung)
Set: Darak

22. Jeon Jong-seo and Jang Yoon-ju for Vogue Korea (May 2022)

Actors: Jeon Jong-seo and Jang Yoon-ju in Money Heist Korea (2022)
Fashion/Stylist: Lee Bo- ram
Photography: Joo-Young Ahn
Hair: Hyeyoung Lee, Yumi (Joy187)
Makeup: Hwang Hee- jung, Mujin (Jenny House Cheongdam Hill)

21. Lee Jong-suk for Elle Korea (March 2022)

Actors: Lee Jong-suk in The Witch Part 2: The Other One (2022)
Photography: Mok Jung-wook
Stylist: Jungmi Kim
Hair: satin
Makeup: Kangmi
Assistant: Kim Yoo-jung
Design: Kim Hee-jin

20. All Of Us Are Dead cast for Cosmopolitan Korea (February 2022)

Actors: Park Ji-hoo, Yoon Chan-young, Cho Yi-hyun, Lomon, and Lee Yoo-mi in All Of Us Are Dead (2022)
Photographer: 채대한
Stylist: 김혜인
Hair: 박규빈 (박지후/ 로몬/ 조이현) 마준호(이유미/ 윤찬영)
Make-up: 이봄(박지후/ 로몬/ 조이현) 유혜수 (이유미/ 윤찬영)
Assistant: 김미나
Digital designer: 김희진

19. Kim Go-eun and Jinyoung for Elle Korea (July 2022)

Actors: Kim Go-eun & Park Jin-young in Yumi’s Cells 2 (2022)
Photographer: Hong Jang-hyeon
Stylist: Lee Yoon-mi (Kim Go-eun) Nam Joo-hee (Park Jin-young)
Hair: Kang Hyun-jin (Kim Go-eun) Ahn Hong-moon (Park Jin-young)
Make-up: Jo Eun-jung (Kim Go-eun) and Hye-ryeong (Park Jin-young)
Set stylist: Yoo Yeo-jeong
Designer: Jiyoon Jang

18. Son Sukku for Esquire Korea (July 2022)

Actor: Son Su-kku in My Liberation Notes (2022)
Photographer: 박종하
Stylist: 이영표
Hair: 공탄
Make-up: 설희
Assistant: 이하민/송채연
Art Designer: 김대섭

17. Lee Joo-young for GQ Korea (July 2022)

Actor: Lee Joo-young in Itaewon Class (2020)
Photographer: 강혜원
Hair & Make-up: 장해인
Assistant: 홍상희

16. Kim Dami for W Korea (June 2022)

Actor: Kim Dami in Our Beloved Summer (2021-2022)
패션 에디터 김신
피처 에디터 권은경
포토그래퍼 박종하
스타일리스트 남주희
헤어 강현진
메이크업 이지영
네일 임미성
세트 다락
어시스턴트 최인선

15. Lee Jung-jae for WWD Korea (March 2022)

Actor: Lee Jung-jae in Squid Game (2021)
Photographer: Hong Jang-hyun
Stylist: Geum-nam

14. Shin Mina for Elle Korea (January 2022)

Actors: Shin Mina in Our Blues (2022)
Photography: 목정욱 Mok Jung-wook
Set Stylist: Dohyeong Kwon
Hair: Lee Hye-young
Make-up: Hyunjung Hong
Assistant: Seohyun Lee
Design: Hyojin Lee

13. Honey Lee for Vogue Korea (June 2022)

Actor: Honey Lee’s maternity shoot
Fashion/Stylist: 박세준 Park Se- joon
Photography: 목정욱 Mok Jung-wook
Hair: 손혜진 Hyejin Son
Makeup: 원조연 Wonyeon

12. Han So-hee for W Korea (April 2022)

Actor: Han So-hee in Soundtrack #1 (2022)
Photographer: 레스
Stylist: 조보민
Hair: 한수화(제니하우스)
Make-up: 강예원(제니하우스)
Set: 이서경
Assistant: 최인선

11. Kim Min-ha for Vogue Korea (April 2022)

Actor: Kim Min-ha in Pachinko (2022)
Photographer: Hyewon Kang
Stylist: Gong Sung -won
Hair: Kim Gwi-ae
Makeup: Park Hye -ryeong

10. Jisoo for Dazed Korea (January 2022)

Actor: Jisoo in Snowdrop (2021-2022)
Photographer: Hyea W. Kang
Stylist: Lee Yunmi
Hair: Lee Seonyeong
Make-up: Lee Myeongsun
Art: Lee Namhoon
Set design: Shin Hoseung

9. Song Hye-kyo for Harper’s Bazaar Korea (March 2022)

Actor: Song Hye-kyo in Now, We Are Breaking Up (2021-2022)
Photographer: Kim Hee-jun
Stylist: Kim Hyun-kyung
Hair: Lee Il-jung
Make-up: Seonghee Ahn
Assistant: Kyung-hoo Kim, Se-ri Baek
Set styling: one song

8. Bae Doona for Numero Netherlands (May 2022)

Actor: Bae Doona in The Silent Sea (2021)
Photographer: Hong Janghyun
Stylist: Park Se Jun
Hair: Shon Hye Jin
Make-up: Lee Jun Sung
Source: Numero Netherlands

7. Song Joong-ki for Vogue Man Hongkong (March 2022)

Actor: Song Joong-ki in Vincenzo (2021)
Photographer: Yoon Ji Yong
Art Director: Jacky Tam
Stylist: Park Tae II
Hair: Oh Jong Oh
Make-up: Choi Soo II
Photo Assistant: Ki Won Young, Kim Ki Woong, Jeon Min Hyung, Choi Kyung Seok
Props Stylist: Jeon Su In

6. Moon Ga-young for Dazed Korea (May 2022)

Actor: Moon Ga-young in Link: Eat, Love, Kill (2022)
Photography: Go Wontae
Fashion/Stylist: Kang Yunju
Art: Song Yuli
Hair: Lee Seonyeong
Make-up: Lee Myung-sun
Assistant: Park Kiho, Lee Seung-yeon
Source: Dazed Korea

5. My Liberation Notes siblings for Elle Korea (April 2022)

Actors: Kim Ji-won, Lee Min-ki, Lee El in My Liberation Notes (2022)
Photography: Shin-ae Gin
Stylist: Kang Yi-seul/ Lee Yoon-mi/ Hyun Hyo-jin
Hair: Lee Hye-young/ Lee Kyung-hye/ Park Eui-hwan
Makeup: Mina Ahn/ Jihyun Kim/ Mihyun Seong
Assistant: Seong Chae-eun
Design: Kim Hee-jin

4. Lee Jung-eun and Lee Sob-yeol for Cosmopolitan Korea (June 2022)

Actors: Lee Jung-eun and Lee So-byul in Our Blues (2022)
Photographer: 최용빈
Stylist: 이필성
Hair: 이에녹
Make-up: 정수연
Assistant: 김미나
Digital designer: 김희진

3. Bae Suzy for Marie Claire Korea (April 2022)

Actors: Bae Suzy in Anna (2022)
Photography: Kim Hee-jun
Fashion/Stylist: Park Se-joon
Hair: Baek Heung-kwon
Make-up: Lee Young
Assistant: Kang Yu-rim
Prop styling: Choi Seo-yoon (Darak)

2. Money Heist Korea cast for Elle Korea (July 2022)

Actors: Yoo Ji-tae, Park Hae-soo, and Jeon Jong-seo in Money Heist Korea (2022)
Photography: Ahn Joo-young
Stylist: Yoo Hyun-jung/ Lee Myung-sun/ Lee Bo-ram
Hair: Garden (Museeneuf)/ Gongtan (Void H)/ Yumi (Joy187)
Makeup: Hyeyoung Park (Museeneuf)/ Seolhee (Void H), Jennyhouse
Design: Kim Hee-jin

1. Squid Game cast for Vanity Fair (June 2022)

Actors: Lee Jung-jae, Park Hae-soo, Jung Ho-yeon in Squid Game (2021)
Photography: AB+DM in Los Angeles
Fashion/Stylist: Deborah Afshani
Hair: Jenny Cho (Hoyeon), Sonia Lee (Lee), Mina Park (Park)
Make-up: Sabrina Bedrani
Grooming: Sonia Lee