Theater Actor Kim Seonho Receives Immense Love on First Performance For Touching The Void

The theater comeback of Kim Seonho on July 9th was filled with warm welcome, support, and love from fans across the globe. Various activities to cheer Kim Seonho emerged from billboards to gifts as well as organizing the hashtag THESPIAN KIM SEONHO IS BACK trended on Twitter worldwide.

Minutes before the live show, Kim Seonho’s staff shared a photo of the actor on Instagram, “Touching The Void, Kim Seonho’s first performance! It will start soon.” Kim Seonho is wearing a Touching The Void jacket while he sits on the stage facing the seats, musing. Even though his face is not shown, he still radiates handsomeness and his gaze at the audience seats seems to convey profound gratitude for all the things in his life that made him reach this far. It could also mean savoring the vibe of theater where he began acting, grew as an actor, met great long-time friends, and perhaps, where he will grow old performing.

Although thousands of fans overseas are not able to see him perform live on stage, they sent him warm messages across social media: “Welcome back to theater!” “Congratulations!” “All the best!” “Break a leg!” “Fighting” “You will nail it!” “Enjoy the stage!” “Always rooting for you!” “We are so proud of you!” “We love you always!” Many fans also expressed, “You are worth the wait, Kim Seonho!”

Meanwhile, the US fan base of Kim Seonho, celebrated the actor’s theater comeback by sending thoughtful gifts. Other fan clubs also organized various activities such as billboard displays. The immense love of Kim Seonho’s fandom for the actor is truly unstoppable.

On the evening of July 9th, The Best Play shared the group photo of actors who played as Sarah, Simon, Richard, and Joe. Kim Seonho performed as Joe, the mountaineer who survived a near-death descent on a snowy mountain.

Touching The Void (2022) is held at Art One Theater Hall 2, Daehak-ro in South Korea from July 8 to September 18, 2022.

Congratulations, Kim Seonho and Touching The Void team!

Cover photo: kimseonho_staff.diary