20+ Quotes: Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist (2022)

Updated: August 10, 2022

Here’s a collection of quotes from the series, Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist (2022):

On life and humanity

“Have you ever seen a tree break its own branch? A tree does not break its own branches. But people use their hearts to break those close to them and even themselves.” – Lady Seo

  • “Following money will lead you straight to your own demise.” – Lady Namhae
  • “Lowly beings like me die when misfortune finds us and get discarded.” – Man Bok
  • “Please know that I do not even dream of having a grave. All I want is to be buried.” – Man Bok

“How do you work to save others yet not try to save yourself?” – Lady Seo

“Why are you slithering away like you are doing a moonlight flit?” – Physician Gye

  • “Your world lies only within this circle.” – Jang Gun
  • “I once was praised as the Divine Needle. But now I cannot practice acupuncture. I am no longer a physician!” – Master Yoo
  • “I must walk the tightrope. If I cannot, I do not feel as if I am living. Because I did not feel like living. I drank so I could feel high. And now I cannot go a day without alcohol.” – Pa Jang

“Do you feel like it is your fault? Or do you pity yourself more?” – Physician Gye

“His condition is not that hard to treat. However, he has a bigger problem. Hus obsession with tightrope walking. That obsession has caused him to be sick at heart.” – Physician Gye

  • “When I am on the rope, everything is beneath my feet. I become the King and the sky. When I am on the rope, it all becomes my world.” – Pa Jang
  • “Just looking will cure anything.” – Ip Bun
  • “Those who do not smile seem angry at the world.” – Master Yoo

On words of healing and pieces of advice

“No one is born with a skill. In life, we choose what we wish to do and have it come true.” – Lady Seo

  • “You can never accomplish what you do not try.” – Lady Seo
  • “No one is born with one personality.” – Lady Seo

“Your skills have improved significantly. However, you must not become arrogant. Always do your best.” – Yoo Se Yeob’s father

“There are things you can only see, hear, and feel when you are alive.” – Lady Seo

“Do not break yourself. You are not one who breaks. Are you not one who saves?” – Lady Seo

“You will save many, so stay alive, okay?” – Lady Seo

“Whatever you wish to be, you have much learning to do.” – Physician Gye

“But it is on the ground ” – Pa Jang

“Who says you must do it in the air? Who says the rope must be held above our heads?” – Master Yoo

“Running away will not solve anything, you dunce. If you are struggling, scream for help. Try waving your arms, too.” – Physician Gye

“Do not do anything. You must let it all go to make it yours. Just wait patiently.” – Physician Gye

“Let things be. Then see what happens.” – Physician Gye

“You once said I would save many lives. Please allow me the chance to save you. I will find the answer that gets you your life back.” – Master Yoo

Genre: Historical, Medical, Romance, Comedy
Synopsis: A genius physician for the royal family faces expulsion from the royal court after getting himself involved in a conspiracy, meets an eccentric teacher and a widow in the mysterious and beautiful Gyesu Village. He is reborn as a true doctor who aims to heal people’s hearts, writing the prescription of happiness.
Based on: the novel, Joseon Psychiatrist YooSe-poong by Lee Eun-so that won the Excellence Award in the 2016 Korea Story Contest
No of episodes: 12
Cast: Kim Min-jae, Kim Hyang-gi, Kim Sang-kyung
Writers: Park Seul-gi, Choi Min-ho, Lee Bom
Director: Park Won-guk
Network: tvN, Viu
Date: August 1 to September 6, 2022

Subtitle translation: Viu