10 Best K-Drama Antagonist Performances Of 2022

When a villain character in a story annoys you, it means the actor has done an outstanding job in portraying that given assignment. So far, here are ten (10) best Korean drama villain or antagonist performances in 2022: 

In random order.

1. Lee Joon as Ok Eul-tae in Bulgasal: Immortal Souls (2021-2022)

Perhaps, Lee Joon as Ok Eul-tae in Bulgasal: Immortal Souls (2021-2022) is the most fashionable and sexiest male antagonist you’ll ever encounter in this year’s drama line-up. Besides his insane visuals, he was a scene stealer with his exceptional acting as a half-human and half-bulgasal finding cure for his dark hole by killing the immortal woman played by Kwon Nara. In fact, you simply cannot hate him as a villain but rather admire his well-written character and performance.

2. Park Myung-hoon as Cho Young-min in Money Heist: Korea Joint Economic Area (2022)

If you hated the character of Arturo in the Spanish series, La Casa De Papel, you will also find the Korean counterpart extremely annoying. Park Myung-hoon delivered himself well as a self-centered human being who manipulates people for his gain and own safety. His facial expressions and overall performance made the character of Cho Young-min in Money Heist: Korea Joint Economic Area (2022) hate-worthy.

3. Joo Jung-hyuk as Attorney Kwon Min-woo in Extraordinary Attorney Woo (2022)

Attorney Kwon also known as Tactician Kwon in Extraordinary Attorney Woo (2022) appears to be the viewers’ no.1 enemy and most realistic antagonist nowadays. He works at Hanbada Law company who is displeased with the presence and performance of a brilliant colleague, Attorney Woo. He secretly investigates about her and does greedy ways to bring her down. He certainly makes your blood boil and actor Joo Jung-hyuk has done a good job in portraying this annoying character.

4. Jo Jae-yoon as Jin Mu in Alchemy Of Souls (2022)

Amid magic spells and sorceries in Alchemy Of Souls (2022), Jin Mu creates chaos by manipulating people and situations around him to rise in power. In fact, he holds the key in breaking the curse of soul shifters. While some of the best mages were molded under him including the Crown Prince and Naksu, the strongest assassin, he hides the darkest secrets, switching bodies, creating monsters, and plotting schemes to ruin others and rule Daeho. Actor Jo Jae-yoon slayed and delivered an excellent performance as the villain in this fantasy series.

5. Jung Yoo-jin as Jin Yoo-hee in Remarriage & Desires (2022)

Not all outward beauty reflects inner beauty. Perhaps Jin Yoo-hee played by Jung Yoo-jin in Remarriage & Desires (2022) is the ultimate female villain you will ever encounter in Korean dramas this year. She looks outwardly beautiful but her inner character spews evilness. She is extremely manipulative and narcissistic, driving powerful and wealthy men madly, even to death, to gain riches. She thinks highly of herself, holds extreme self-entitlement, and doesn’t care about the feelings of others. What’s even more annoying is that she sees nothing wrong about her actions and is not remorseful about her wrong deeds even inside the prison cell. Actress Jung Yoo-jin flawlessly portrayed this annoying role.

6. Yoo In-soo as Yoon Gwi-nam in All Of Us Are Dead (2022)

Yoo In-soo played as Gwi-nam in the teenage-zombie series, All Of Us Are Dead (2022). He may be one of the most hated characters in the show for being a heartless bully, but he is definitely one of the scene-stealing performances. Known as a zombie that never dies after several attempts of pushing him off the building, he still managed to survive with only one goal in mind: to kill Cheong-san. Actor Yoo In-soo slayed his role as a badass zombie that he was nominated for Best New Actor at Baeksang Arts Awards in May 2022.

7. Heo Joon-ho as Chairman Choi Tae-kook in Why Her? (2022)

Not all villains sneak around with a tool to devour someone. Some are dressed professionally and just sits comfortably in the background, commanding his people to execute his next evil plans. As always, Heo Joon-ho excels in performing a villain role. In Why Her? (2022), he plays as Chairman Choi in a law firm who appears to be a reliable big boss yet hides a monstrous side with his cunning ideas. He is a control-freak chairman who manipulates his subordinates to do things illegal in order to get what he wants.

8. Lee Yoo-mi as Lee Na-yeon in All Of Us Are Dead (2022)

Lee Na-yeon is known as the most hated girl in pink in the teenage-zombie series, All Of Us Are Dead (2022). As the students tried to survive the apocalypse, Lee Na-yeon appears to be the most selfish and obnoxious student ever. She doesn’t cooperate and pushes others to danger for her own safety. This annoying character was excellently performed by Lee Yoo-mi, who played the nice girl in Squid Game (2021) during the Gganbu episode. She was also nominated for Best New Actress at Baeksang Arts Awards in May 2022.

9. Yoo Sun as Han Sora in Eve (2022)

Han Sora is a woman of chaotic character and extreme madness in the revenge drama, Eve (2022). She is the daughter of the highest-ranking politician and wife of the most intelligent and richest businessman. Belittled by her own father for not being dependable enough for profit, she pushes or murders anyone who gets into her way and clings onto her husband for sense of identity. She has extreme obsession for her husband and does all evil ways to make him stay. Han Sora was exceptionally portrayed by actress Yoo Sun.

10. Oh Yeon-soo as Commander Noh Hwa-young in Military Prosecutor Doberman (2022)

Rarely do we see a female murderer im Korean dramas. Actress Oh Yeon-soo did a great job playing the main villain in Military Prosecutor Doberman (2022), who is dressed in a high-ranking military official and looked up to by many soldiers, but hides an evil life. Commander Noh Hwa-young is a heartless human being who has no qualms in committing crimes and murders in order to reach the highest position and achieve the most wealth. She even puts her son in danger and treats him harshly. She is totally a wicked character.