50+ Quotes: Big Mouth (2022)

Updated: September 11, 2022

Here’s a collection of quotes from the series, Big Mouth (2022):

On crimes and social issues

“I feel uneasy rejecting him but I’m uncomfortable accepting him.” – Chairman Kang

“Power is like a knife. If you use it on fish, it’s a sashimi knife. And if you use it on human, it’s a weapon.” – Chairman Kang

“If we fight here, I’ll end up in solitary. But you’ll lose that title.” – Park Chang Ho

“Thanks for removing my shackles. But you’re wearing them now.” – Park Chang Ho

  • “Our family motto is ‘Beat bad guys to death but maul traitors to death.'” – Chairman Yang
  • “I’m going to return it to them a thousand fold. Turning the world they created into a complete hell is law and justice to me.” – No Park / Big Mouse
  • “Use bad guys to step all over other bad guys.” – Miho

“Show them all the tricks you have. I’ll be the one collecting the tips.” – Park Chang Ho

“A vicious flower planted by those in power. That’s what the law is.” – No Park / Big Mouse

“Would you smile after being treated like a lab mouse? The one who does the beating forgets but the one beaten remembers forever.” – Park Chang Ho

“A prosecutor wins using evidence. Not rumors.” – Mayor Choi

“I felt a wall around Big Mouse. A wall that I don’t think I can ever break through.” – Park Chang Ho

“There are all sorts of pieces of garbage. Do you know who’s the worst of them? Traitors.” – Park Chang Ho

“Most of the people can’t tell apart good versus evil. They’re not interested in social matters at all. Why not? Because they’re too busy trying to make a living.” – Park Chang Ho

“Does not having money or connections mean I have to lose my lawsuits? Why is that my problem? Law and society are what’s messed up.” – Park Chang Ho

“A righteous lawyer who fights against Goliath. It would look good in my opinion.” – Mayor Choi Doha

  • “What an interesting situation. One side needs to kill him to live but the other side can’t kill him because of money.” – Warden Officer Park
  • “If we kill them, they become corpses. If we let them live, they’ll be under our knees.” – Mayor Choi Doha

“They think they’re predators as they run at me. But I’m going to chew them up and kill them.” – Park Chang Ho

On life and humanity

“If you ask the question with an answer in mind, it’ll be hard to continue the conversation.” – Warden Park

“Flowers may look beautiful from afar. But when you get close, they are growing on the edge of a cliff. The moment you grab onto that flower attempting to survive, you’ll fall off the cliff to your death.” – No Park / Big Mouse

“With teamwork like this, we can save the nation.” – Miho’s father

“Maybe not the nation, but we can save the family.” – Miho

“There is a pivotal moment in everyone’s lives. A moment that changes their life. A moment they want to go back to before they die.” – Park Chang Ho

  • “Do you think we can live ordinary lives like we used to? Watching TV, taking naps, talking, and playing cards for forehead flicks. Do you think we can do that again?” – Park Chang Ho
  • “It was the first time I ate a lunchbox made by someone else. It was the first time someone took my side. The moment I first met Miho.” – Park Chang Ho

“The choice is yours. Will you live your life running away or will you fight and get a new life?” – Miho

  • “I have to live for you to live. Am I right?” – Dr. Han
  • “You have a big head but no brain.” – Park Chang Ho

“I won’t be dragged around anymore. I have to put an end to it.” – Park Chang Ho

  • “Do you know where the perfect place to hide lies is? The truth. You get confused about what is the truth and what are lies.” – Park Chang Ho
  • “In the end, people choose lies that sound true. ” –  Park Chang Ho

“The moment you lie, it’s over between us.” – Miho

“Park Chang-ho is Park Chang-ho.” – Miho

“Chang-ho is Chang-ho. Your husband, my son in law ” – Miho’s father

“My friend, right? He’s not Big Mouse, is he?” – Soon Tae

“What looks happy from a distance may be tragic up close.” – Park Chang Ho

  • “I hear your name is Big Mouth. Because you run your mouth without the skills to back it up.” – Client
  • “I would’ve have quit already if I were doing it for the money. It’s a noble job working with people’s lives.” – Miho

“So what’s wrong with me to have ended up like this?” – Park Chang Ho

“Something huge. You have no money or connections.” – Soon Tae

“A famous American artist once said, ‘First, become famous. Then people will applaud even when you poop.'” – Mayor Choi Doha

  • “Money really is the source of evil.” – Park Chang Ho
  • “But why would I do that. Because fame equals cash. It’s all about money in the end.” – Park Chang Ho

“If it goes well, I’ll be rich. If not, I’ll be famous.” – Park Chang Ho

  • “Miho went to see a fortune-teller once and he said I don’t have much luck but I’ll live a long life. But when I woke up, I was completely different person. The most despicable louse in the world.” – Park Chang Ho
  • “I know what the biggest problem in my life is. In pivotal moments, I’m ridiculously unlucky.” – Park Chang Ho
  • “You better not dream of killing yourself. If you try to commit suicide and fail, you’ll suffer with a disability for the rest of your life.” – Prison Room leader

“Those who can live should live.” – Park Chang Ho

“There are a lot of people with terrible lives. What can you do? It’s not like you were born because you wanted to be. You must live as you were meant to be.” – Prison Room leader

  • “Grade A? What are we, beef?” – Park Chang Ho
  • “You need soldiers if you want to fight a war.” – Park Chang Ho

“But he’s not Big Mouse.” – Miho

“How are you so sure?” – Law officer

“Because he’s my husband. Because I know him better than anyone.” – Miho

“Do you know Tom and Jerry? My nickname is Jerry. I’m a huge fan of Big Mouse, so I went with a different mouse.” – Jerry

“I may die.” – Park Chang Ho

“Then, I’ll die, too. We can live together in the afterlife.” – Miho

Genre: Noir, Legal, Crime
Synopsis: It tells the story of an underperforming lawyer who gets caught up in a murder case. In order to survive and protect his family, he digs into a huge conspiracy among the privileged upper classes.
No of episodes: 16
Starring: Lee Jong-suk, Im Yoo-nah
Written by: Kim Ha-ram
Directed by: Oh Chung-hwan
Network: MBC, Disney+
Date: July 29, 2022