Youth MT: 90+ Fun Dialogues, Lines From The Cast

Updated: September 23, 2022

Here’s a collection of adorables lines and fun dialogues from the Korean variety show, Youth MT or Young Actors’ Retreat (2022):

Episode 1: Where Are Your Team Members?

  • “Nothing has changed. It looks exactly the same.” – Kim You Jung
  • “I’m the captain? Why am I the team captain?” – Kim Youjung
  • “If I keep failing, I will keep losing money.” – Ji Chang Wook
  • “It’s boring to drive alone. It’s quiet.” – Ji Chang Wook
  • “I’m good at following the GPS.” – Ji Chang Wook
  • “Why am I the captain? My team is the worst. We got off to a bad start.” – Ji Chang Wook
  • “Since we were waiting for you here, we couldn’t wait to see you.” – Lee Joo Young
  • “Shouldn’t Bo-hyun find us just as I found you?” – Park Seo Joon
  • “I got caught in the rain and my hair’s flying around.” – Kwon Nara

“What are we going to do without captain Bo-gum?” – Kim You Jung

“We have you. You’re the captain.” – Love In The Moonlight team

  • “We made a deal. We had a good time.” – Chae Soo bin
  • “I’m so thankful that I met you. I wandered around for too long alone.” – Ji Chang Wook
  • “It’s raining. My heart is becoming moist.” – Kim Bo Yoon

“I always get food on my clothes.” – Ryu Kyung Soo

“Why don’t you just take your shirt off instead of putting on the apron?” – Park Seo Joon

  • “This is so peaceful now. But once everyone gathers, I wonder what it’d be like. I’m worried” – Hwang In Youp
  • “I can’t trust anyone. Everything seems suspicious.” – Hwang In Youp

Episode 2: Young Actors’ Retreat Base Camp

  • “I wonder what we’re playing. Are we going to play tag?” – Park Seo Joon
  • “I’m terrible at running.” – Kwon Nara
  • “Now that I’m full, it feels great.” – Ji Hae Won

“Do you remember your first variety show?” – Hwang In Youp

“I was very nervous.” – Ji Chang Wook

  • “When the camera’s in front, I feel like I have to make a V.” – Jung Jinyoung
  • “You’re good at writing lyrics but you’re not eloquent.” – Kwak Dong Yeon
  • “I’m nervous to think about meeting the others.” – Lee Joo Young
  • “We may be laughing now, but we’ll all fall silent when we meet the others.” – Kim You Jung
  • “Why do I always stay home when there are places like this?” – Kwak Dong Yeon

“Have you eaten?” – Kim You Jung

“No, I haven’t.” – Park Bo Gum

“Hold on. I’ll catch something for you.” – Kwak Dong Yeon

  • “You’re all grown up now.” – Yoon Kyung Ho
  • “I’ll feel lonely alone. I get lonely easily.” – Jung Jinyoung

“We should just play together. That way, it’s more meaningful.” – Park Seo Joon

“I agree. We should play together.” – Ji Chang Wook

  • “We have to avoid placing third.” – Ji Chang Wook
  • “Gochujang and rice? That sounds delicious, too.” – Lee Joo Young
  • “This is difficult. Why are the questions so hard?” – Park Seo Joon

Episode 3: The Abandoned School

“Baby steps are better. Taking big steps will have you falling down.” – Kwak Dong Yeon

  • “I didn’t manage to hit anyone because I couldn’t see.” – Hwang In Youp
  • “I’m an introvert who’s become very socialized.” – Ji Chang Wook
  • “Chang-wook makes you feel at ease. But on the contrary, that kindness can be pressuring. I mean, did you ever find it hard to approach him because of that?” – Kwon Nara
  • “I know a scary story about a car.” – Park Bogum
  • “It feels bad to pick someone.” – Ji Chang Wook

“It’s our first time meeting each other and I think it’s really nice and fascinating to talk together.” – Jung Jinyoung

  • “Should we just go with Seo-jun? I think he’ll do everything without being shaken at all.” – Team Red
  • “I think that tent is the worst penalty.” – Team Yellow
  • “I think the girls are very courageous.” – Team Yellow
  • “Bogum just got discharged from military service. So I think he’ll be brave.” – Ji Chang Wook
  • “In-youp is low in stamina now. He just finished filming a drama.” – Ji Chang Wook
  • “I think You-jung is really brave. She is competitive, too. So even if she’s scared, she’ll pull through no matter what.” – Ji Chang Wook

“I personally want to see Dong-yeon’s reaction. I think he might be funny.” – Choi Sung-eun

“But also good.” – Kim You Jung

“Even if the others are good, we can just win.” – Kim You Jung

“It’s fine as long as we don’t place last.” – Park Bogum

“Do people see me as fragile?” – Hwang In Youp

“You look thinner than usual.” – Park Bogum

“Now that I’m here alone, I think of all kinds of things.” – Hwang In Youp

Episode 4: Team Activity And Team Hanok

“Hyewon, did you have fun?” – Ji Chang Wook

“Yes, I had fun.” – Ji Hae Won

“Insects scare you more than ghosts.” – Ji Hye Won

“Yes. Insects are real.” – Ji Chang Wook

“Joo-young, if you were to go there alone, how would you do? Would you be good at it?” – Ryu Kyung-soo

“I’d have passed out there.” – Lee Joo Young

“But you looked so fierce when you were sitting down. We couldn’t pick you.” – Ryu Kyung-soo

“I was trying to look tough.” – Lee Joo Young

“Earlier, I was panicking.” – Hwang In Youp

“You were so cute.” – Choi Sung Eun

“Was it fun, In-youp?” – Ji Chang Wook

“Today was a series of making adjustments.” – Hwang In Youp

“Who’s the active type on your team?” – Ryu Kyung-soo

“Everyone there especially Bo-gum and You-jung lead the group. They kept the conversation going.” – Lee Joo Young

“Have you made soup before?” – Ryu Kyung-soo

“Soup? I haven’t.” – Ji Chang Wook

  • “He gets scared easily but he’s good at playing scary villains.” – Yoon Kyung Ho
  • “We’ve been stirring the soup without the stove on.” – Ji Chang Wook

“This is for Seo-jun. Force him to eat this.” – Ji Chang Wook

“Force him to eat it?” – Kwon Nara

“I was so embarassed yesterday.” – Hwang In Youp

“You were really adorable.” – Park Bogum

“He really likes you.” – Kwon Nara

“I became your fan.” – Ryu Kyung-soo

“Did you sleep well?” – Ji Chang Wook

“I’m tired.” – Park Seo Joon

“Did you drink a lot last night?” – Ji Chang Wook

“No.” – Park Seo Joon

  • “I was getting ready to sleep. But after the horror training, my heart kept beating fast. I couldn’t calm down. I couldn’t fall asleep.” – Ji Chang Wook
  • “I went out for a walk.” – Kim You-jung

“I want to go to both.” – Park Bogum

“It’s because he just got discharged. He’s so full of energy. He wants to re-immerse in society as much as he can.” – Ji Chang Wook

“When I go to film when it rains, the sky clears. But some people bring the rain with them. That happens. What kind of person are you?” – Hwang In Youp

“I clear the sky.” – Park Bogum

  • “This is my first variety show. So I couldn’t trust anything and was very tense alone.” – Hwang In Youp
  • “You’re the best driver.” – Park Bogum
  • “A zipline? As soon as I arrive?” – Ahn Bo Hyun
  • “What did they do yesterday? I’m worried that everyone got closer except me.” – Ahn Bo Hyun

“I hate people focusing on me.” – Ryu Kyung-soo

“How about when you perform?” – Ji Chang Wook

“I’m playing a role so it doesn’t matter. Now, I’m myself.” – Ryu Kyung-soo

“Have you tried this before?” – Ahn Bo Hyun

“No. This is my first time.” – Hwang In Youp

“I like your drama.” – Ahn Bo Hyun

“Thank you.” – Hwang In Youp

  • “I have to be on the camera with You-jung.” – Park Bogum
  • “What if I drop it? I’ll compensate for the loss.” – Hwang In Youp

“Dear my beloved fans, I’ll leave riding the zipline like this. But I was happy. I was grateful. I hope you will know all that.” – Hwang In Youp

Genre: Reality, Travel
Description: The cast members of Love In The Moonlight (2016), Itaewon Class (2020), and The Sound Of Magic (2022) travel together and play various games to earn rewards while creating meaningful memories and building new friendships.
Cast: Park Bo-gum, Kim You-jung, Jung Jinyoung, Kwak Dong-yeon, Chae Soo-bin, Park Seo-joon, Ahn Bo-hyun, Kwon Nara, Ryu Kyung-soo, Lee Joo-young, Ji Chang-wook, Choi Sung-eun, Hwang In-youp, Ji Hae-won, Kim Bo-yoon
No. of episodes: 8
Created by: Kim Seong-yoon
Writer: Ji Hyun-sook
Director: Jeong Jong-chan
Network: TVING, Viu
Date: September 9 – October 21, 2022

Subtitle translation: Viu