Thespian Kim Seonho Successfully Ends TTV Stage Performance, Sends A Meaningful Message To Fans

Touching The Void (2022) has wrapped up its successful stage show with great memories and life lessons to cherish for actors and fans. On the last day of Kim Seonho’s stage performance, the thespian actor expressed his heart of gratitude on his personal Instagram.

The post includes a photo of him facing the stage while seated on the audience chair in a contemplative manner. In the second photo, he is seated on the stage with his right arm raised above him, throwing a mini heart. It can be seen that his smile is full of happiness and gratefulness. He wrote a simple yet meaningful message to his fans, “Thank you very much for being with me all this time. I will cherish all the moments you have given me.”

Kim Seonho’s staff from his agency shared a separate post, thanking people for the support, “#TouchingTheVoid Last day of Kim Seonho’s appearance as Joe Simpson. Thank you for staying with us until the last show.”

Kim Seonho played the role of Joe Simpson in Touching The Void (2022), a true story about mountaineering and survival written by Joe Simpson himself.

The said show became his first acting appearance since Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha (2021). Much anticipated, he topped the real-time search rankings on Play DB. All seats on his performance dates from July until September were immediately sold out. He received the loudest cheers and a standing ovation that lasted 10 minutes on his first performance. Great reviews and positive reactions also poured out about his stage acting, charms, and adorable chemistry with co-actors. In several videos and photos, it can be seen that he looked so happy and had a really great time doing this project.

What is more admirable and awe-inspiring is that Kim Seonho donated all his stage performance earnings from the show to the typhoon victims in Pohang, the filming location of Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha (2021).

Just like Joe Simpson who miraculously made it back to the base camp, Kim Seonho also made a meaningful and successful comeback after a long break. The Hallyu star is truly back draped with a new glow that will shine even brighter. Looking forward, only great things await for this actor who is graced with impeccable talent, charms, kindness, humility, generosity, as well as unwavering support from faithful friends, family, and huge fan base worldwide.

Congratulations, Kim Seonho!

by KORB Blog