Under The Queen’s Umbrella (2022) Korean Drama

tvN’s Under The Queen’s Umbrella (2022) is a Korean series that follows a hot-tempered yet charismatic queen who deals with her troublemaking sons and withstands trials to mold them into proper crown princes.

Genre: Historical, Political, Black comedy
No of episodes: 16
Writer: Park Ba-ra
Director: Kim Hyung-sik
Network: tvN
Streaming platform: Netflix
Date: October 15 – December 4, 2022 (Saturdays and Sundays at 21:10 KST)

Main cast:

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Nielsen Korea: Nationwide TV Viewership Rating

RatingSouth Korean
viewers in millions
7.6%1.8461October 15
9.0%2.0392October 16
6.9%1.6823October 22
9.4%2.2864October 23
7.7%1.7505October 29
11.2%2.6906October 30
9.3%2.1047November 5
11.8%2.8738November 6
9.9%2.4269November 12
12.2%3.01510November 13
10.8%2.59911November 19
13.4%3.24712November 20
12.8%2.93513November 26
14.1%3.38914November 27
13.3%3.04715December 3
16.8%4.04916December 4
Source: Nielsen Korea

Good Data: Drama Buzzworthy Rankings

2022Under The Queen’s UmbrellaKim Hye-sooBae In-hyukMoon Sang-minKim Hae-sookOh Ye-juKim Jae-bum
October Week 22nd5th
October Week 31st1st8th9th
October Week 41st1st2nd
November Week 11st1st5th6th9th
November Week 21st1st9th7th10th
November Week 32nd2nd6th5th9th10th
November Week 42nd2nd5th6th4th7th
December Week 12nd2nd6th4th
Source: Good Data Korea

Netflix Worldwide: Non-English TV Rankings

tvN’s Under The Queen’s Umbrella (2022) reached Top 10 in TV in 21 countries, watched for a total of 110.4 million hours so far, and appeared in the global rankings of non-English TV for 8 consecutive weeks as of December 18.

Week2022RankViewing Hours
1Oct 4 – 3010th8,010,000
2Oct 31 – Nov 66th10,420,000
3Nov 7 – 133rd12,200,000
4Nov 14 – 203rd15,620,000
5Nov 21 – 273rd18,080,000
6Nov 28 – Dec 44th19,470,000
7Dec 5 – 113rd17,270,000
8Dec 12 – 1810th9,390,000
Source: Netflix Top 10

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