A Fan Meeting With Kim Seonho Is Coming Soon!

On the 26th, Kim Seonho has revealed the mystery behind the Instagram post where he was filming all day with an English hashtag that says #ComingSoon.

While many fans speculated a new advertisement and others a drama casting, he surprised everyone today with something else: a domestic fan meeting!

His staff shared a photograph of him in white shirt, looking fresh and healthy with his sweet smile and a mini heart for fans. The caption unveiled that the whole day filming was a preparation for the domestic fan meeting to be held on December 10th. Besides the poster shoot, they also prepared a season greetings for the coming year. “There is much time left until December but I wanted to tell you this good news as soon as possible to make you feel happier,” he said.

The caption also included happy emojis and a blue heart, which is often used by his fandom relating to his favorite color. His fans could not contain their excitement that some even requested an international or global fan meeting: “OMG! Fan meeting!”, “Worldwide fan meeting please!”, “My heart!”, “I’m so excited for Seonho and Seonhohada”, “It’s beginning to look and smell a lot like Christmas. Exciting days to come!”, “Online fan meeting please!”, “I can’t explain my feeling right now. Thank you so much!”.

Meanwhile, Kim Seonho successfully finished his stage performance as Joe in Touching The Void. He won the Outstanding Drama Actor for Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha (2021) at the 17th Seoul International Drama Awards. His movie debut, Sad Tropics, is expected to be released late this year or early next year.

by KORB Blog