Kokdu: Season Of Deity (2023) Korean Drama

MBC’s Kokdu: Season Of Deity (2023) is the story of a death god or cursed grim reaper named Kkok-du who comes down to the earth every 99 years to punish humans and lead the dead to the afterworld. This time, he enters the body of a human and starts working as a visiting doctor where he meets Han Gye Jeol, a doctor who struggles with her career but possesses mysterious abilities.

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Medical
Also known as: Kkokdu’s Gye Jeol, Season of Kkokdu
No of episodes: 16
Writers: Kang Yi-heon, Heo Jun-woo
Directors: Baek Soo-chan, Kim Ji-hoon
Network: MBC
Streaming platform: Viu, Viki, iQIYI
Date: January 27, 2023


Nielsen Korea: Nationwide TV Viewership Ratings

RatingSouth Korean
viewers in thousands
4.8%8581January 27
2.2%2January 28
3.1%5603February 3
2.4%4February 4
2.8%5February 10
1.9%6February 11
2.7%5237February 17
1.4%8February 18
2.0%9February 24
1.7%10February 25
1.6%11March 3
2.0%12March 4
1.4%13March 11
1.4%14March 17
1.3%15March 18
16March 24
Source: Nielsen Korea

Good Data: Drama Buzzworthy Rankings

February week 29th
February week 39th
February week 49th
March week 18th
March week 210th
Source: Good Data Korea

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