December 2022 | Korean Drama Full List

Here’s a complete guide to 16 new Korean dramas that will premiere in December 2022:

DECEMBER 1 | Recipe For Farewell (Watcha)

Genre: Slice of life
Also known as: It May Be A Little Spicy Today
Synopsis: A husband’s kitchen diary where he prepares a table for his wife who was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer.
Based on: the true story of Kang Chang-rae, a writer
No of episodes: 12
Cast: Han Suk-kyu, Kim Seo-hyung, Jin Ho-eun
Writer: Lee Ho-jae
Director: Lee Ho-jae
Network: Watcha
Date: December 1, 2022

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DECEMBER 7 | Connect (Disney+)

Genre: Crime, Mystery, Thriller
Synopsis: It follows a man who is kidnapped by a gang of organ hunters and his one eye is removed to be used by a serial killer. 
Based on: a webtoon “Connect” by Shin Dae-sung.
No. of episodes: 6
Cast: Jung Hae-in, Go Kyung-pyo, Kim Hye-jun
Writers: Masaru Nakamura, Heo Dam
Director: Takashi Miike
Streaming platform: Disney+
Date: December 7, 2022

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DECEMBER 7 | Unlock My Boss (ENA)

Genre: Fantasy, Thriller
Synposis: The story of a boss who dies unexpectedly and gets trapped in a smartphone, and a man who picks up this phone.
Based on: the webtoon “Unlock the Boss” by Park Seong-hyun
No of episodes: 12
Cast: Chae Jong-hyeop,Seo Eun-soo, Park Sung-woong
Writer: Kim Hyung-min
Director: Lee Cheol-ha
Network: ENA
Streaming platform: Amazon Prime Video
Date: December 7, 2022

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DECEMBER 9 | Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area Part 2

Genre: Heist, Crime, Drama
Synopsis: Thieves overtake the mint of a unified Korea, trapping hostages inside; the police must stop the thieves as well as the shadowy mastermind behind the heist.
Based on: the Spanish heist crime drama series “Money Heist” by Alex Pina
No of episodes: 6
Cast: Yoo Ji-tae, Park Hae-soo, Jeon Jong-seo, Lee Won-jong, Park Myung-hoon
Writers: Ryu Yong-jae, Kim Hwan-chae, Choe Sung-jun
Director: Kim Hong-sun
Network: Netflix
Date: December 9, 2022

DECEMBER 9 | Work Later, Drink Now 2 (TVING)

Genre: Comedy, Friendship, Slice of life
Synopsis: The story of three women whose belief in life is one drink at the end of the day.
Based on: “Drinker City Women” by Mikkang
No. of episodes: 12
Cast: Lee Sun-bin, Han Sun-hwa, Jung Eun-ji, Choi Si-won
Writer: Wi So-young
Director: Kim Jung-sik
Network: TVING
Streaming platform: Viu
Date: December 9, 2022

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DECEMBER 9 | The Forbidden Marriage (MBC)

Genre: Historical, Romance, Comedy
Also known as: Joseon’s Ban on Marriage
Synopsis: It depicts the risk of romance during the period of forbidden love and marriage, which is an order from the King of Joseon after losing his crown princess.
Based on: the web novel of the same name by Chun Zi-hye
No of episodes: TBA
Cast: Park Ju-hyun, Kim Young-dae, Kim Woo-seok, Yang Dong-geun, Park Sun-young
Writer: Chun Zi-Hye
Director: Park Sang-Woo
Network: MBC
Streaming platform: Amazon Prime Video
Date: December 9, 2022

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DECEMBER 10 | Alchemy Of Souls: Light And Shadow (tvN)

Genre: Fantasy, Action, Historical, Romance
Also known as: Return, Soul Marriage
Synopsis: The second season of “Alchemy Of Souls” about young mages in the fictional country of Daeho, dealing with a forbidden magic spell that switches bodies and souls.
No of episodes: 10
Cast: Lee Jae-wook, Go Yoon-jung, Hwang Min-hyun, Shin Seung-ho, Yoo Joon-sang, Oh Nara, Yoo In-soo, Arin, Jo Jae-yoon
Writers: Hong Jung-eun, Hong Mi-ran
Director: Park Joon-hwa
Network: tvN
Streaming platform: Netflix
Date: December 10, 2022

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DECEMBER 16 | Fanta G Spot (Coupang Play)

Genre: Drama
Also known as: Fantasy Spot
Synopsis: The story of women in their 20s who want to do things right in life.
No of episodes: TBA
Cast: Ahn Hee-yeon, Bae Woo-hee, Park Sun-ho, Choi Gwang-rok
Writers: Lee Do-yeon
Director: Yoon Ra-young
Network: Coupang Play
Streaming platform: TBA
Date: December 16, 2022

DECEMBER 17 | Red Balloon (TV Chosun)

Genre: Slice of life, Comedy, Family
Synopsis: It follows the lives of four individuals who are frustrated about their personal life, seeking freedom from their heartaches and to fulfill their hidden desires.
No of episodes: 20
Cast: Seo Ji-hye, Lee Sung-jae, Hong Soo-hyun, Lee Sang-woo, Lee Bo-hee
Writer: Moon Yeong-nam
Director: Jin Hyeong-wook
Network: TV Chosun
Date: December 17, 2022

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DECEMBER 19 | Trolley (SBS)

Genre: Mystery, Melodrama, Political
Synopsis: The story of a married couple who faces a dilemma when a case exposed to the public involves the wife, exposing her personal secret, which the politician husband is not even aware of.
No of episodes: TBA
Cast: Kim Hyun-joo, Park Hee-soon, Kim Mu-yeol, Ryu Hyun-kyung, Ki Tae-young, Jung Soo-bin
Writer: Ryu Bo-ri
Director: Kim Mun-kyo
Network: SBS
Streaming platform: Netflix
Date: December 19, 2022

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DECEMBER 19 | Missing: The Other Side 2 (tvN)

Genre: Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller
Synopsis: A story of fraud and deceit in a village that holds the souls of missing, deceased people and those who try to discover the truth behind their disappearance.
No. of episodes: 14
Cast: Go Soo, Heo Joon-ho
Writers:  Ban Gi-ri, Jeong So-young
Director: Min Yeon-hong
Network: tvN
Streaming platform: Viu
Date: December 19, 2022

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DECEMBER 21 | Big Bet (Disney+)

Genre: Crime, Action
Also known as: Casino, King Of Savvy
Synopsis: A man known as the king of the casino who lost everything in a series of unfortunate events and returns to the gambling scene to bet his life.
No of episodes: 16
Cast: Choi Min-sik, Son Su-kku, Lee Dong-hwi, Heo Sung-tae
Writer: Kang Yoon-sung
Director: Kang Yoon-sung
Streaming platform: Disney+
Date: December 21, 2022

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DECEMBER 21 | The Interest Of Love (JTBC)

Genre: Melodrama, Romance
Synopsis: The workplace romance of four individuals with different interests who meet each other at a bank, understanding the true meaning of love.
Based on: the novel “Understanding of Love” by Lee Hyuk-jin.
No of episodes: TBA
Cast: Yoo Yeon-seok, Moon Ga-young, Keum Sae-rok, Jung Ga-ram
Writers: Lee Seo-hyun, Lee Hyun-jeong
Director: Jo Young-min
Network: JTBC
Streaming platform: Netflix
Date: December21, 2022

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DECEMBER 23 | The Fabulous (Netflix)

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama
Synopsis: Four bestfriends chase their dreams alongside fashion’s elite while juggling demanding jobs, romantic dilemmas, and wild nights in town.
No of episodes: 8
Cast: Chae Soo-bin, Choi Min-ho
Writers: Kim Ji-hee, Lim Jin-sun
Director: Kim Jeong-hyeon
Streaming platform: Netflix
Date: December 23, 2022

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DECEMBER 30 | Island (TVING)

Genre: Fantasy, Action, Mystery
Synopsis: Itfollows three individuals who fight against evil in the island of Jeju.
Based on: the webcomic, “Island” by Yoon In-wan and Yang Kyung-il
No. of episodes: 12
Cast: Kim Nam-gil, Lee Da-hee, Cha Eun-woo, Sung Joon
Writer: Jang Yoon-mi
Director: Bae Jong
Network: TVING
Streaming platform: Amazon Prime Video
Date: December 30, 2022

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DECEMBER 30 | The Glory (Netflix)

Genre: Thriller, Revenge, Drama
Synopsis: It follows a woman whose childhood is marked by school violence and pain and puts a carefully planned revenge scheme in motion by taking up a job as a teacher at the school of her bully’s child.
No of episodes: 8
Cast: Song Hye-kyo, Lee Do-hyun, Lim Ji-yeon, Yeom Hye-ran, Park Sung-hoon, Jung Sung-il
Writer: Kim Eun-sook
Director: Ahn Gil-ho
Network: Netflix
Date: December 30, 2022

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