17 Quotes | One Dollar Lawyer (2022)

Here’s a collection of quotes from the Korean series, One Dollar Lawyer (2022):

On law and social issues

“It is important for our law to punish someone who committed a crime. But it is more important to not punish someone who didn’t commit the crime.” – Cheon Jihun

  • “Just because the defendant has four previous convictions, none of us should presume that he is guilty.” – Cheon Jihun
  • “When in doubt, rule in favor of the defendant. That principle will one day protect someone most dear to you at the most important moment. Meaning, our very selves.” – Cheon Jihun

“Even if we lose ten criminals, we shouldn’t wrongfully imprison even one person.” – Cheon Jihun

  • “There are many ways to resolve a case. Some people will try to cover it up with a simple apology. Some people will try to deal with it only using the law. But people don’t come to us to learn about the law. They come because they need help.” – Cheon Jihun
  • “Using your position as an executive director to bully your subordinates is clearly against the law.” – Cheon Jihun
  • “No lawyer can change the truth.” – Baek Mari
  • “What if the truth you believe is wrong?” – Cheon Jihun

“There will be no harm or disadvantage against you just because you were mistaken. But the defendant’s life is at stake based on your testimony.” – Cheon Jihun

On life and humanity

“How much a lawyer makes doesn’t define the skills of that lawyer.” – Mr. Baek

“Neither you or I can define truth on our own. All we can do is to try to get close to it.” – Cheon Jihun

  • “Simple is useless.” – Mr. Sa
  • “What are you congratulating me for? Is this something to be congratulated?” – Cheon Jihun
  • “An executive director is one who takes responsibilities, not someone who torments those who work under him.” – Cheon Jihun
  • “Friendship is for friends. That’s deep.” – Cheon Jihun
  • “Yes. Friendship is what makes a life.” – Mr. Sa

“It’s not important whether the others believe you or not. You know what you did better than anyone.” – Cheon Jihun

Genre: Legal
Synopsis: The story of a lawyer who has the best skills but only charges 1,000 won as his attorney’s fee.
No of episodes: 16
Cast: Namgoong Min, Kim Ji-eun
Writers: Choi Su-jin, Choi Chang-hwan
Director: Kim Jae-hyun, Shin Jung-hoon
Network: SBS, Disney+
Date: September 23 – November 12, 2022