16 Quotes | Bad Prosecutor (2022)

Here’s a collection of quotes from the Korean series, Bad Prosecutor (2022):

On law, justice, and social issues

“His work may not have been clean, but ultimately, it was to get rid of the cancer that poisons our office.” – Kim Tae Ho

  • “To catch guys like you, I need to be crueller and stab them harder in the back.” – Jin Jung
  • “My fate had found me. My true fate of becoming a prosecutor who can punish all the bad guys.” – Jin Jung
  • “I thought it was cool. Being a guardian of justice.” – Jin Jung
  • “I will never pick a fight I will lose.” – Jin Jung

“Are you proud of yourself as a prosecutor? Are you someone who doesn’t say what’s wrong, turns away from injustice, and seeks things only for your benefit?” – Jin Jung

On life and humanity

“Why would you endure it when it’s unfair? When it’s unfair, you must fix it and not endure it.” – Jin Jung

  • “I’m going to be a swordsman!” – Young Jin Jung
  • “Gosh. It’s not a bizarre rumor. It’s more like a story of a hero.” – Jin Jung
  • “We’ll see eye to eye if we face each other. But let’s look straight for now.” – Jin Jung
  • “How did someone like you become a prosecutor?” – Shin Ara
  • “Gosh. There’s no trick. I was just talented and fated to be one.” – Jin Jung
  • “Humans are wired to side with those who provide advantages.” – Oh Do Hwan
  • “What’s life without risks?” – Jin Jung
  • “Why would a prosecutor carry around a wooden sword?” – Shin Ara
  • “Because I can’t carry around a real sword. It’s dangerous.” – Jin Jung

Genre: Law, Crime
Synopsis: A story about a prosecutor named Jin Jung who is armed with bad manners and delinquency.
No of episodes: 12
Cast: Doh Kyung-soo, Lee Se-hee, Ha Joon, Joo Bo-young, Lee Si-eon, Kim Sang-ho
Writer: Im Young-bin
Director: Kim Seong-ho
Network: KBS2, Viu
Date: October 5, 2022

Subtitle translation: Viu